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sw or ww?

I started slimming world about 2 1/2 weeks ago, i can see from the class that it works but i dont really think its for me :( i was really motivated but have started to slack off... im wondering what ww is like? is there any1 whos tried both and knows which is better/easier to follow etc. (im a student and live at home, i rarely cook)
thanx xx c
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Hi missy - I tried SW but couldn't really get my head round it - I seemed to spend my entire time eating Muller lite yogurts and little else as I was never sure what went with what.

I prefer WW as everything is allowed - yay! It just seems so much simpler to me. I only lost 16 lbs with SW before I quit. I've lost 43 1/2 lbs with WW and still going strong. I know there are a lot of people who love SW and do really well - I just need something very simple to follow...
Me too lol im sick of potatoes and want something with a bit of flavor! I've seen the weight watchers foods in supermarkets... can u use the points on anything, as long as it makes 24 for example? or does it have to be a balanced diet with points... if that makes sense?
You could spend your points on rubbish if you want, although on the rare times I've done that I always end up feeling ill...

If you use the e-source (which I do) you can point everything or can use the leaflet they give you at class which has all the basics. I eat lots of point free stuff to make sure I get my five a day - munching on carrot sticks and raw swede when I get into work, having a good portion of veg with my evening meal etc. I try not to eat too many of the ready meals (WW or other low cal ones) as they're high in salt and low in nutrients, if I do I usually have veg with them to make them look a good size. I do leave some points spare so if I fancy something sweet I can eat it - I like the chocolate bars in class at 1.5 points or the chocolate highlights (little bags of chocolate halos) for 1.5 points.

WW has taught me portion control and good meal planning as well as trying to make my points stretch as far as possible... My big advice is to write everything down...
Im going to look for a meeting now, thanx for ur help.. good luck with everything :D
Meetings are great, I always stay as it helps motivate me to the next meeting. Get the monthly pass (if they do it where you are) as you can use e-source and it works out cheaper...

Good luck and let us know how you get on!
Hi Missy,

I've tried both...and definitely agree that WW is the best!! I could only put up with 3 weeks of SW and then gave up! WW gives you more freedom to eat what you want. You can eat whatever you want too aslong as it's within your daily points allowance!! However, I find it does help to have 3 set meals a day and any extra points left are used for small treats.. e.g glass of wine or chocolate!!

Hope this helps.

I've done both plans and each has its pros and cons. Once you get the basic of sw it is very easy to follow but find that sometimes it is not that practical for a busy lifestyle. I like the fact that on ww I can grab a sandwich and crisps if i'm busy and even take the kids to McDonalds and not ruin my diet completely. Hope that helps.
I have done both and can really say that weight watchers is by far the better option for me. I got fed up of slimming world within a few weeks too, I never felt like I was having proper meals, but I am on week 4 of weight watchers and I am still pretty happy with it and the weight loss is basically the same. You could have a macdonalds or if your good all week and save point you can have a chinese something you can't really do on slimming world.

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