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I really dont have a clue, its so limited. However my only suggestion would be those who chose to change do so for portion control, which isnt as strongly promoted by sw with all its 'unlimited free' foods. xx
It's a personal choice many people prefer WW. I found it less restrictive than SW easier for eating out and contrary to popular belief it doesn't promote convenience food. WW promote the same type of eating as Sw

might be worth asking this in the WW board too there seems to have been quite a number of people moved from SW to WW recently they might be able to explain better why they moved and ofcourse which they prefer :)

I've never found it limited not when you can eat anything on it and I've never been hungry either


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WW is points based, i have heard a lot of people moving to SW as there is unlimited free foods and that as it was based on points they used it all on bad foods instead of 'good' points.

The flip side to that is that people move from SW to WW as they prefer the portion control of the points system.

I havent done WW so i cant really comment on all of the reasons as im sure there are many but i think for some people one diet just works better for them than the other - its all personal preference really xx
Haha, im sure they wont bully you! as starlight said, these questions are often debated on only one side of the forum, so it'd be nice to see what ww members enjoy about the plan. Personally after researching the ww forum a couple of days ago, it made me realise how damn easy i have it with sw.. i wouldnt last long on ww, i couldnt follow it for life, where as others do and love it just as much as i love sw :D

im gunna keep an eye on your ww thread just out of pure curiosity! :D xx
I liked WW, i was on it with my mum a few years ago and lost a fair bit, it was easier with my working pattern as didn't have to plan as much. I like SW about the same, but i've lost more on SW so far. WW was personally better when I was younger and out more, SW is better now im a bit older and cook my own meals :)
I've followed WW, points and the Core plan, they both work well but then any healthy eating plan works as long as you stick to the guidelines.
I prefer SW as my 13 year son is following the Free to Go plan and its brilliant so were all motivated as a family.
In my personal opion for me I eat far more healthly with SW, on WW I would use point for brekkie, lunch and dinner then use remaining on treats and snacks and hated using points for fruit. SW is totally diff, I eat tons of fruit and Veg, good brekkie, lunch and dinner and still allowed 10-15 syns for a treat....perfect balance.
Sometimes however we all need a change, WW to SW and WW to SW to give our bodies a kick start and prob appreciate the pro's and con's of each plan.
Great to see what other people think.

people have different life styles, i often didn't get home until 11pm and had to be in at 7am, giving me very little time to prepare anything.


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Ooooh exciting debate! I'm a SW follower but the last couple of weeks I've been following the WW plan. I joined online and went for it! I can't for the life of me remember exactly why I switched to WW, I think I was a little bored with SW and was worried I wasn't eating enough. I pointed a few of my EE days and was eating something like 14 points which wasn't ideal. I lost 1lb 2 or 3 weeks in a row and was thinking maybe my body had slipped into starvation mode :eek:
Took the WW points quiz and was on 19 a day which is quite a leap from 14. First week I lost 1lb which was no more or less than what I lost on SW but I was loving the opportunity to stretch the variety in my diet a bit. My meals were still pretty much the same so it wasn't a drastic change but I was able to have a bagel if I wanted or a sandwich for lunch etc. In my second week I lost 2.5lbs, an amount I hadn't lost in about 5 weeks so I was obviously thrilled!

I've tried WW before and really hated it, totally hated the portion restrictions and I was perpetually hungry. Unfortunately I was doing it all wrong by keeping meals as tiny as possible in order to snack as much as possible. This time around I've taken principles I've learnt from SW and applied it to WW. So even though I have a bagel every so often, I eat primarily unprocessed, fresh, homemade food packed with veggies (thanks to SW 1/3 rule I can't NOT have veggies now!!). Now I know that in order to remain satisfied I need to incorporate lots of 0 point veggies into my meals, lots of homemade soups, roasted veggies, salads etc and I'm just as satisfied as I was on SW. Dare I say this is the best of both worlds for me??? Watch this space :D