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SW & Xenical ?

Taz is so right in saying stay close to a toilet!! I’d also suggest that you carry wet wipes with you………. wear dark clothing on the bottom half…………keep spares in your boot………..and NEVER break wind unless your bottom is over the loo!!!
Once they settle down it’s not too bad provide you keep the fats low.

Aislinn x


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That sounds like you are speaking from experience Aislinn! I considered getting these but I decided the side effects just weren't worth it
Oh my god yes Taz I have tried them!!
If you have had too much fat your poo comes with a greasy orange liquid which can stain. Sorry to be so descriptive but it then leaves a film in the toilet which cannot be shift with the brush alone. It will also leave its mark on the brush. I used to carry a small bottle of washing liquid with me if going out to squirt in the toilet to disperse the grease!!!

I’m not sure how effective it was. I don’t know if it was the endless trips to the toilet or that it took the fat out of my body that worked. I did loose weight but I was also at the gym 5 days a week. I guess the fact that you have to reduce your fat intake right down to avoid accidents means that it does work??

I guess its worth trying and the side effects do get more manageable – honest!! Lol!

Aislinn x

This works by your body not absorbing 1/3 of the fat you eat. This then goes straight through you - hence the yukky orange greasey stuff.

I know I've considered it, but I can do this if I put my mind to it, and don't want to worry about toilet accidents. Eek.


Is so very nearly there!
oh god i so couldnt take them not after reading that iccle lot lol
A woman I work with took them and she has the exact same toilet stories to tell! She only used her outside toilet when she was on them and she wouldn't let anyone else go in it due to the greasy film xxx
oh don't !

I took them yesterday and haven't 'been' yet lol


rainbows holiday buddy :)
oh dear! i tried reading this thread whilst i was eating yesterday, but i started gagging!

all i can say is sod that! lol ....i told my boyfriend about it and he said he'd rather have me bed bound than spraying orange s*** everywhere! lol
………….and Xenical held me to ‘ransom’.
On the way home I got an urgent urge to go to the toilet. It was a case of - I need to go………oops some has come out!!
By the time I drove on to the estate I knew that I had had a little accident in my pale coloured skirt.
Imagine my horror when I swung onto the drive only to discover my daughter and friends sitting on the grass chatting!!
Pouring with sweat from desperately trying to control my sphincter I suggested that she went inside with her friends thinking I will be then able to nip upstairs use the toilet and get changed without them noticing the orange greasy stain on the back of my skirt.
……..they weren’t for shifting. I sat grimacing pretending to be on the phone, messing with the CD player and still trying to keep the erupting volcano in!!
Eventually I was forced to say that I would treat them all to a Mc D’s, which is within walking distance, if they left NOW (all said in a very high pitched voice). Luckily it worked ……………………….

Aislinn x
OMG - I just spat my tea out laughing.

I asked the nurse for it yesterday and she said no. Thank God :D
Aislinn - where in Lancashire are you from?

I'm in Padiham near Burnley.

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