Anyone want to swap some of their chilli soups??? I love them... only just had my first try today... and I won' t have another order for a fortnight.

My CDC has no more chilli ones... so am asking on here! Open to suggestions as to what you'd like in return>??>

Thats the thing... at the start of this diet... u are learning what u like and what u dislike!

So I like chilli soup... but only have 4 left for the next fortnight
:( I dont like any of the other soups so i was soooo pleased to see that I like the the chilli one!

Ah sorry vicky dont have any..........i have 3 weeks supply of cd id like to swap for LL.....but I know im not allow:rolleyes:
Hope you get sortedxxc

I'm getting a box of the Thai Chilli this week for hubby (don't like them myself!) I don't mind sharing. Send me a private message maybe we can arrange something. Dizzy
Thanks guys... but amazingly I discovered that my CDC received some chilli soups later in the day after she came for our fortnightly meeting... I asked her nicely if she could send me some! and she has agreed to :)

Thankyou soooo much for the offer!

Muchly appreciated ;)

Glad your sorted now!

I'm feeling cold today myself, hate to think of you without a warm soup.

Enjoy them.

Ah glad you got them sorted, they are my fav and have had them for two weeks every night, thought I would have been sick of them but as (dare i say it) winter sets in its lovely to have something nice and warm to look forward too in the evening!