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Can we use Splenda with CD? I know on some of the VLCDs you can. I've just read a recipe for a "frappe" in my new Aerolatte box - it's coffee, cold water and sugar all frothed up. I figured I could maybe use Splenda instead of the sugar and it could be my "drink" instead of tea etc.
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Slowly but surely x
yes, you can use any granulated sweetener but not tablet sweetener - weird huh?
I had 6 forthy coffees with milk last weekend with splenda and still lost 4lbs!
Happy days!!!

There must be something in the binding agent they use for the tablet version.

This one says you can do it with just water and as I love iced coffees .. :D


Slowly but surely x
ooooh its like christmas for you, today - huh?
ooooh its like christmas for you, today - huh?

Lol yeah... but also a bit like Santa didn't quite get my list right cos I had ordered some "toys" off a naughty site and they've not turned up yet!! :p


Slowly but surely x
**blush** Good lord, woman!
whoops I thought you could use tablet sweetener, I bought some specially for CD.

I have been using this for my cups of tea
(I have splenda tablet sweetener)

I do have granulated splenda in the cupboard but I didn't think we were allowed to use that?? It wasn't very clear to me I hope it hasn't affected my weightloss :confused:
Miss r - I've just looked it up. It says you can use the tablet version not the granulated :-( I'll just have to crush a tablet!

Rumbly - us single girls have to resort to such measures :p


Slowly but surely x
SHIIIIIIIIIIIT! I got it the wrong way round!
Oh well, ill have to switch to tablet but seriously, last week.... I had 6 frothy coffees and splenda granulated and still lost!


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I was just about to say sorry to disappoint you but its only tabs you can have.... but I don't need to any more.. but its quite funny seeing your reactions
lol I was just about to say that too - I panicked cos I've had tabs all the way through xx
Moot point now anyway... tried the "water frappe" and it was vile!!!!


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the water frapee?????


My husband = My hero
Gag!!! Sounds awful hahaha

Bummer :(
phew!! Won't hide the splenda tabs from myself then!
PS What is a water frappe??

A frappe is normally a cold blended coffee usually made with milk; the "recipes" that came with my Aerolate said you make a "delicious" one with water instead of milk and some sugar. I made it with sweetener.... it was vile!


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lol... well we wont be trying that one. hehehe
Lol.. nope! I'm getting into the coffee with a little bit of vanilla shake though.

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