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Sweets and mousse.....


Needs to stop eating!!
Totally unrelated btw!!

I have been struggling/eating/bingeing loads in the past few weeks and im now very ready to get back on the 100% SS wagon.....but the thought of shake-bar-shake a day was just putting me off. I only have the choc and choc mint shakes as they are the only ones I can stomach and only have peanut bars and have done this since about week 3!!
Anyway, today at my WI I got some sweets from my CDC, has anyone else tried the sweets? I looked at the pack and they dont seem to actually be CD sweets but just extra low cal, sugar free ones!! I will incorporate it into my diet to make it abit more lively!
Now on to the mousse, will I like it? LOL of course nobody but myself could answer that...my question is what do you think of it?
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Serial Dieter!
If you like angel delight, then you will like mousse!

Hope that you can manage them!


is a naughty girl...
I love the mousse! I mean I would eat them for the rest of my life, love the mouse and I only have chocolate, strawberry and peanut bars! x


Gone fishing
Anyway, today at my WI I got some sweets from my CDC, has anyone else tried the sweets? I looked at the pack and they dont seem to actually be CD sweets but just extra low cal, sugar free ones!!
Umm. There are no sweets on Cambridge. Well, unless you cut up the bars into sweet size chunks ;)

Please don't eat them :cry:

The mousse is fine though and loved by many :D
I also prefer the choc/ chocmint shakes, and enjoy doing mousse with them banana layered with choc is ok too, they will split into 2-3 portions quite easily, can't eat a whole one at once. Don't know if it was just me but i found the chocorange freaky, went all fizzy on tongue and left a horrid aftertaste, couldn't finish it.
I do find it a bit disturbing that your cdc is giving you non cd products and therfore bad advice, maybe need to speak to her about it. There are so many great cdc's around, its not right that someone can do this, i feel it is an abuse of the trust people put in her to support them, even if it is 'well intentioned'. xx
I would stay away from the sweets!! The mousse on the other hand is a god send!!!! All the chocolate ones are really nice, and the strawberry, banana and butterscotch too. Sometimes I like to make them with more water and they go more like angel delight! x x


is a naughty girl...
I want to try layers on mousse! I hated chocolate orange too YUKK and didnt finish it, to me it tasted like chemicals.

I was told sugar free polos are ok but not officially so....is this correct? like chewing gum.


Gone fishing
I was told sugar free polos are ok but not officially so....is this correct? like chewing gum.
Sugar free polos = not okay. Not officially or unofficially. Acutally, is there an 'unofficially'.. Ummm.

Chewing gum = Cambridge say they prefer people not to use it, but if they really feel the need, then to chew for a couple of minutes and then discard. So, that's official. Best not to, but if you want 'x' is probably okay.

But no to the polos


Needs to stop eating!!
Yes I did think the sweets were abit strange as Ive never heard it mentioned before on here....he was happy to give them to me, there are flavours like mint hum bug, strawberry cheesecake etc....
I cant wait to try the mousse, never had angel delight before so its all new territory! Tbh my CDC is rather weird anyway........


please try again
the sweets may be sugar free but could contain ingredients that A. could kick you out of ketosis or B. make you rather hungry sparking off a nibble session, please just say no

and the mousse, omw i could live on them, i have a choc mint mousse most evenings


To infinity and beyond!
Mousse, where am I going wrong, i make it to the instructions on the pack, but it just comes out like slighty thicker shake.

I tried using water that had been in the freezer for a while, but again it just doesnt seem to set.

Any tips??
The Perfect Mousse

Ingredients :
1 VLCD Shake Pack
1 Scoop Mix-A-Mousse
150 mls water
Utensils :
Good quality hand blender (Recommended 600 watt)
Pyrex Jug
Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients and utensils.

2. Put 150mls of water into the Pyrex Jug and put into the freezer compartment for 15 to 20 minutes. Take out the water as soon as crystals start to form on the surface.

3. Remove from freezer and pour the shake pack onto the surface of the water.

4. Without stirring pour the scoop of Mix-A-Mousse onto the top of the shake pack.

5. Put a high quality hand blender (500 watts or more recommended) into the mixture and blend for 60 seconds.

6. Pull out the blender and scrape the remaining powder and mixture back into the mixture with a spoon and blend for a further 15 seconds.

7. Return the pyrex jug to the freezer compartment for 10 minutes (you can leave for longer if you want a more ice cream texture).

8. You will know it is set if you can turn it upside down and it doesn't land on your feet :)

9. If you look up into the pyrex jug you will see bubbles on the surface and no sign of any gelatin lumps.

10. Enjoy!! :)
Please note that a cheap blender will not mix it well enough and will leave lumps in it which are very grim!!!

I dont return the mousse to the freezer I just put it in the fridge for 15 mins to set and I mix the scoop of mix-a-mousse powder into the shake pack with a teaspoon then add this to the chilled water- works a treat!


Needs to stop eating!!
I had 2 mousses today, and they came out perfect woo....they arent that bad..its a change i guess!!
I also had 2 sweets....my CDC said it wont kick me out of ketosis and tbh i havent felt any hungrier. I am just going to finish the pack and discuss it with him at my next WI!


To infinity and beyond!
Thank you Angela.

Looking forward to my mousse already :D


Cambridge Consultant
Hi Yvvone,
Just wanted to say well done as your doing fab..
I am a new cdc but I personally would not offer my clients or suggest they have sweets. You are doing so well I would not start including any kind of sweets into your diet.
The mousses are great and if you use the sweet shakes that will take away any cravings you may have for something sweet.

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