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Swig it back or savour it.......

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!


A little of everything!
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For the first day of two I just swallowed- but I eventually found them nicer with crushed ice (like a smoothie?) so savour them that way? I like the soup, so really take my time over it! LOL!


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I take my time with the soup and always add a little extra hot water once ive whisked it all up! :D but with the shakes - i dont rush them or take my time either. Usually gone within 5 mins though :D


One last chance
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What I like to do is drink my shakes with a straw, I squeeze the straw between my teeth and fingers so it's harder for the shake to just slip in. I also use 4 ice cubes and blend it with my shake so it comes out nice and cold.

When they're done I put 4 ice cubes in I first drink my shakes using a spoon and drown my ice cubes in the shake and suck the liquid off the icecubes. I finish my shakes within 10 min usually.


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Taste change

I have found that my tasts have changed. I disliked the soup in the beginning but its my favourite now, I used to add sweetener to the hot chocolate and have it mainly as a hot dring. I now find it really nice cold and that goes for the strawberry also. AS FOR THE BARS ..............NO COMMENT NECESSARY:eek:


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I have to knock them back, still not used to the taste lol but at least i dont have to pinch my nose anymore :)


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I savoured them :)
depends how much of a rush im in!!but usually i bring them in the car with me and my fellow lippotrimmer who gets a lift with me in the morning is on shaker duty ie when i have to turn corners she gets the shake flung into her hands!!lol!lunch time ones are savoured as well as dinner so im finished round the time others are finished eating!
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hiya my shakes are usually gone in 5 mins but my soup I really enjoy so takes 10/15 mins to savour yes I know some of you thinkI'm mad but I really like it.


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I knock them back like a shot! Can't stand the bloody taste but am liking the results so sticking in there!


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I enjoy all the cold ones and have them over crushed ice when i'm at home. They still don't take long to drink though, lol.

Am less keen on the soup but it's nice to take my time over it.

Just had hot choc for a late lunch and if i could have bolted it down in 5 seconds i would have done. really not that nice :(


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I knock them back.
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Yup, have to say I down them pretty fast....I get brain-freeze sometimes...OUCH!!


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This is my first day on them today, and so far I've had a vanilla one, and a strawberry one, I thought the strawberry one was rather nice, but the vanilla one was LOVELY! I savoured them both, and I'm really looking forward to tasting the chocolate one and the soup now :D
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Savourer here, but probably just because I'm not too picky with the taste. Wait, maybe THAT's what brought me here in the first place... :boohoo: I have the shakes a bit more diluted thought, some 300-350ml.

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