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Swimming Dilema!


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It's not only a guy dilemma girls have this one as well- except the completely topless bit.

A sleeveless Tshirt could work well for you and cover up what you want. The other thing is to take a look online at professional swim wear for men and you come across something more appropriate

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Mr Gilbo

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I'd the swimming pool a call. Firstly they will be able to tell you whether you will be allowed to swim in a top or not. And secondly they will be able to tell you what you could wear.


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I had this problem when I joined at my gym, I was so self conscious and embarrased about getting into swimwear infront of other people but the reality of it is, no one else really cares what you're wearing or what shape, size, colour etc you are. If it's really worrying you then I'm sure wearing a t-shirt would be fine if you ask the pool, but if anything I'd feel it'd attract more attention to you. Once you've gone topless once, you'll realise that it's all good and there will probably be other people around who are a similar shape! And the more you do it, the less body you'll have to worry about. Liberate yourself! :)


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Hi. I'm a swimming instructor and I wear a rash vest in the water over my swim suit and you can definitely wear these in public pools. They are the lightweight tops you wear under a wet suit, they don't weigh you down or get in the way when swimming but cover you up nicely. I get mine from ebay and they cost less than £10.

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