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Go for it Jim. Swimming is fab, and if you get any glances at all they will be admiring ones. The days of being scared of the pool are over - enjoy!

Go for it Jim. Swimming is fab, and if you get any glances at all they will be admiring ones. The days of being scared of the pool are over - enjoy!

Hah you haven't seen me topless! There is still some blubber and a fair bit of sagging. Still, I shouldn't have to fear being harpooned by mistake lol

One cool thing I've noticed, I've talked to a couple of the fit guys in the gym about technique and they've all asked what made me start at the gym. When I tell them I've lost 6 stone they've all been really positive and encouraging. These are pretty buff blokes but they've been really welcoming, I think they're impressed that I've got up and done something about myself...


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Ooooh scary stuff, you've done so well though just try not to think or look at other people, trust me you do see some sights at the swimming pool, i am the same, i havent been swimming for quite a while now, after having baby my body has changed, but its awful because I really want to take him but I haven't got the confidence yet, good luck for today and enjoy it!


please try again
eh you'll be fine, i go swimming, im currently the size of a whale and no ones commented yet or called out greenpeace


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Good luck Jim, the kids will love going swimming with their Daddy, forget about what people think, and just look at the joy on your kids faces when you are playing with them in the pool, well done its a huge step to make x


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I love swimming. It took me ages to pluck up the courage to go but I will tell you something - no one gives a monkies! They are all too worried what *they* look like
You could always step back in time Jim and a lovely male swimming costume!!! Might not help with the 'avoiding people looking'. In all seriousness though, you have nothing to fear. I go swimming often and people are all shapes and sizes, and no-one bats an eyelid. It's a shame to miss out on spending quality time with your children, for the sake of 'what if' and lacking of confidence. Your children certainly won't care, as long as Dad is with them, so neither should you. Come on! Get your trunks on and go have some fun (and burn a few pounds!) Let us know how you get on. Hugs x x x
So Jim you are not only checked out by the young Mums at the schools gates you are fast becoming a gay icon.........................i'd say i would be feeling pretty good if i was you all of these admiring glances. ;)

so, how was it? did you go? did you feel out of place?
I bet you didnt Jim!!! Hope you had fun! :)



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Hope you enjoyed your swim Jim - I'm trying to summon up the courage to go again (after I hit 18st I was just too self conscious to go). However I can see CD leading me back to the mermaid life yet!!
Just imagine how proud our keds will be swimming with Dad - you are their hero after all!!
Yeah, I'll deffo go again.

This'll make you laugh, I went into the changing room; there was a bloke in there getting changed and I was feeling all self-conscious after I got out of the water. Anyway, I got changed with my boy ini the corner, the guy was getting dressed too and I wasn't paying him much attention, just hoping he wasn't watching.

As we both went to leave, the guy pulls out a collapsable white stick and asked me if I minded leading him to reception... :D Seriously!

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