Swine Flu

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Anders, 30 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Anders

    Anders Full Member

    I wonder what the advice is if you were to get swine flu while on abstinence? My feeling is that you'd probably need to start eating real food immediately. Mind you, you probably wouldn't feel like it....

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  3. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    I know I read an article on the BBC website a few months ago that said latest research found that dieting when you had flu just delayed recovery. Of course that was just one study but I've always found that the best way to get through flu, swine or otherwise, is to eat sensibly.
  4. MagdaX

    MagdaX is Magdalicious

    I caught a nasty stomach bug on my 3rd week and my gp put me on antibiotics straight away. I've asked her about taking the medication while on LL and she categorically said there is no way i could be not eating while taking strong medication as it cause a very serious damage to my stomach and liver.
    I know stomach bug and swine flu are not the same both require taking antibiotics so i guess the action should be similar.
    (hence my very slow weight loss on wk 3 :()
  5. Jo B

    Jo B Full Member

    I don't see why you would have to start eating - you are getting 100% of all your daily nutrients and vitamins etc which is probably more than most people who are eating normally. If you've got swine flu I would imagine that that is the most important thing...
  6. MagdaX

    MagdaX is Magdalicious

    Well it is an important thing, if you're taking strong medicine such as antibiotics!!
    You can't take them on an empty stomach or it may cause a serious damage. Any GP will tell you that (but kinda self explainatory).
    Nothing to do with the amount of nutriens you're getting, which by the way are not 100% complete when eating the foodpacks, no matter what the program says.
    I guess everyone responds differently and will do what they feel like.
    I much rather would listen to what doctor says, as risking a long term health damage for a few pounds (which i will lose anyway but slower).
    Lets hope none of us will get it :)
  7. Jo B

    Jo B Full Member

    but Swine Flu is a virus and therefore it isn't treated with antibiotics...? Tamiflu is an antiviral...
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  8. Jo B

    Jo B Full Member

    just had a look and it can be taken on an empty stomach and without food
  9. MagdaX

    MagdaX is Magdalicious

    Ok like I said I was treated for a stomach bug and was advised to come off the diet.
    What do I know anyway! ;)
  10. Jo B

    Jo B Full Member

    Its probably different for that!:D

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