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Swine Flu


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Hey girls, so ive been a bit quiet recently, been feeling a bit 'off' to say the least, anyway its just been confirmed i have swine flu :cry:

Ive been feeling so weird, just tired achy and realllly hungry, and had a bad cough which triggered an asthma attack :(

However diet wise its been awful..really bad..

Ive eaten out loads, totally disregarded syns and done the 'oh i'll make it up tomorrow' routine, and have craved really sugary foods...

I'm going to hopefully make my time in isolation useful, im feeling well enough to move about, I am a bit achey so im going to just try and relax and maybe do a bit of gentle excercise, ive not gone to the gym in over a weeek :eek:

ugh i feel like ive reached a dead end on this diet... Im not getting anywhere, ive put on, then am now ill..and it means im not going to be able to do my SW meeting on tuesday

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I'm on a mission!!!
Poor you. Hope you feel better soon. x


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Oh no poor you how long do you have to be in isolation for. Hope you feel better soon.

until im free of symptoms, could be a week or so

meaning im missing lectures at uni, and got to be kept in the house all aloney for a few days :cry:


do you think its worth calling my counsellor now?
Ahh bless dont worry about the diet too much, just get better soon. xx:patback:

P.S stay away from bacon butties...sorry couldn't resist:rolleyes:


Lover of Extra Easy
So sorry that you are unwell.
Please look after yourself and only worry about SW later when you are feeling well.
You will catch up and carry on loosing.


Desperate to be slim!
Oh hunni!!! Big big hugs coming your way.

Forget the diet, just worry about being better.

If I were you I would phone your consultant today, just to let her know asap that you're not coming.

Hope you're ok... keep your chin up as best you can.

Emma xXx
Rest & take plenty of fluids & nutritous food.... Your health is the most important thing. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

hope you feel better soon hun xxxx


Slow but sure....
Oh my goodness, don't worry about the diet yet, get yourself well again, take care now, keep warm and sleep as much as you can, sleep is a great healer, my very best wishes to you, and I shall be thinking of you, love to you. X
OMG how awful! I hope you feel better soon, sod the diet, your health and well-being is waaay more important! ((((hugs))))
Get better soon xx

Pippy Bear

Fighting the fat!
Its been said already, but just concentrate on getting well again, everything else will sort itself out in time.

Hope you're feeling better soon, don't overdo the exercising focus all your energy on recovering x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Get well soon Hun! Keep you're fluid levels up. And REST!
*hugs* gosh! thats awful hunny.

forget the diet, your ill! youl shift whatever u may gain in no time anyways. use your time in iscolation to take up a new hobby? how about knitting!? lol i love knitting!

i do hope u feel better soon hunny.


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