Swiss Bouillion drinks....


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I used to have it occasionally when i first started CD and it got me out of a few 'i must eat' moments

Tastes lovely x

Dont think we're supposed to have toooooo much of it..but i aint a CDC so cant give proper answer x


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Yer, think we are to have no more that 1 spoonful per day. I will have it when I am really hungry and get rid of the temptation to eat.


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I like it as a bedtime drink, it has helped me to drift off to sleep without feeling actual or imagined hunger.


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What? Only one spoon? I was under impression that you can have a little bit more?


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I have 1 spoonful a day and it has never affected my losses. I used to have it as a drink when I was on ss but I cook my veg in it now as I am on ss+ and then have it as a soup and it tastes even yummier as the veg juices give it extra flavour.


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Official answer is that it's NOT allowed.

Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. BTW, check the ingredients and you'll see it's not the same as the CD Veg one.


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KD- Really??? I called my cdc and she checked the ingredients against the CD Veg and they were the same apparently and that it was ok. The sodium and something else were the same in both!!! only 12 cal per drink.

But suppose we just use it at our discretion.


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KD- Really???

Yeah really! :D Marigold and suchlike is officially not allowed (since you asked ;))
I called my cdc and she checked the ingredients against the CD Veg and they were the same apparently and that it was ok.

Just for the record, the ingredients are completely different

Ingredients in low salt marigold
Ingredients in the low salt swiss marigold
Hydrolised vegetable protein, potato starch, sea salt, palm oil*, vegetables 10% (celery, onions, carrots, leeks), maize starch, spices (turmeric, white pepper, garlic, mace, nutmeg), parsley, lovage. *Sourced from sustainable plantations

I have just checked the CD veg and I don't think any of those ingredients are in it's not the same and your CDC shouldn't say it was okay


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:) Thanks for that KD.......

I think If I do use it, I will use it very sparingly and for those emergency 'wanna stuff my face moments'.