Switch from CD to Exante !


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I switched from Cambridge to Exante 3 weeks ago( after a few months aff & an extra stone to shift ) and have to say I`m really enjoying it !
I found CD too expensive, so ordered the 4 weeks worth of Exante and alternated my packs with the last few I had left of CD.

CD shakes taste better than exante, maybe because I have a very sweet tooth, having said that Exante shakes are ok. The Exante soups are much nicer, I actually enjoy them, whereas I didn`t like CD soups so had porridge instead (which I really went off after a while)
CD bars I thought were lovely UNTIL I tried Exante ! They are gorg !!

I`ve shifted 9'5 lbs in 3 weeks, so please with that.
Now, I need to get back into the habit of updating my details to keep me spurred on.

To anyone thinking of Exante, go for it !
Oh, and I have one meal of chicken & brocolli every day as well as my 3 Exante products.

Good Luck all !
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Well done you, that's a fab loss in such a short time! CD is the only VCLD I've ever done and I really didn't like the soups too. I'm looking forward to trying the Exante ones after your review.


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Hi Chika,
I must admit, I thought I`d have to 'wean' myself off Cambridge and 'get used' to Exante, but its been an absolute dream!
All the soups are really thick, unlike normal watery cup a soups,& I use a hand blender which makes them really creamy!
My favs are thai chicken & mushroom, but veg & tom are lovely too.

The bars, well, what can I say ! The consistancy is a bit like those Kelloggs rice crispy bars, only bigger, sweeter & chewier !
They take me longer to eat than the CD bars as well !

Whats working for me is, Shake in morning, soup for lunch (VERY filling), chicken & broc for tea, then I save my bar to eat with a cuppa whilst watching the telly.

Let me know what you think when you`re packs arrive & good luck you !

Hi Cybil,thanks for welcome ! looks like its working a treat for you !!!You`ve lost an incredible amount ! I bet you feel fantastic !!


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Brilliant post. I think we should refer everyone to this thread who asks about moving from CD etc ;)


Yes I agree this is a very usefull post for someone like myself thinking about changing from CD to exante ,
Is there any product that compares to the cambridge tetras ?
As they are my fav and are so handy to keep in fridge at work or in car , as I like to save having my bar for night time when I am most tempted !

Edit : Have already been advised they dont do tetra's on other post :-(
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I switched from CD to Exante too. I am into my third week and have lost 12lb in two weeks. I'm really pleased becasue I was beginning to stop losing weight with CD, I think my body was ready for a change. Also I can really feel that extra 200 calories with Exante, I think I needed them all along :)

I prefer Exante. The reason I switched was purely financial, but I'm glad I did. I am going to stick with Exante now.


wow thats a great loss in 2 weeks , I've only been doing the Cd for 4 weeks but have lost 1 stone really happy with the diet , just the cost :eek:
Think I will give exante a try , I take it I can only have 1 bar a day the same as cambridge ?
I think I will really miss the tetras , as I will only have the soups and bar's on exante if I dont like the packet shakes .

Have you ever mixed the 2 , some CD some Exante or do they not work on the same principle of ketosis ?



Skinny girl in a fat body
S: 14st7lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st10lb(11.82%)
Yes you can mix them. I had 2 weeks worth of CD when I started Exante. I mixed for a few days (I even had a mix-a-mousse) then my sister bought a weeks supply from me. I've got a few left but I will have them as and when - no problem.

Yes, you are only allowed one bar a day on Exante too. I bought the bumper mixed pack and there are 84 products in there - allowing for one soup, one shake and one bar per day. CD and Extante work on the same principle so just treat it the way you did CD and you will be fine.


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Hi Mia

I did exactly the same as you. I mixed CD with Exante and now just using Exante. The cost was a big thing for me, I think its a saving of around £60 pm, so a big difference.
Obviously for those who need support CD is great as you get to meet your CDC weekly, but to be honest once I realised this type of diet worked for me, I found I could manage on my own !

I LOVE the idea of ordering a month at a time & having it delivered, I always used to get a week at a time or maybe two from cambridge, but never a month due to outlay.

Having a months worth keeps me from straying as I know I`ve paid out for it, so it can`t be wasted with me cheating!!

I`m getting used to the shakes now as well, just hoping that Exante don`t decide to hike up their bumper pack prices.
Its a shame that CD seemed to be forever increasing their prices , my CDC says shes lost a few clients now to Exante.

Anyway, good luck to all !! Heres to a slimmer summer !!