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  1. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    Hi all

    So, here I am - first day on Dukan. In the past I lost 2 stones on Atkins (October 2013 - March 2014). But since then had to go through one failed IVF and a combination of hormones and fat foods seemed to wake up my gallbladder stones, so I had to remove it all together.

    After all, shame on me, I resorted to my favorite antidepressant - food glorious food! And since I could not eat anything fat due to stones - resorted to all these nasty carbs etc The result - gained back one stone in less than a month :(

    I loved Atkins due to its flexibility etc, but without gallbladder need to switch to something less fatty hence decided to try Dukan which seems to be some sort of Atkins adaptation (sorry Dukan but your fat publisher story didn't convince me much - too many similarities with Attack phase etc) But I guess I still got this after Atkins syndrome so I've been wondering:

    - yogurt thing seem to be really worrying - could not find a brand which would be both without sugar (sweetener based) and 0 fat. Did you succeed in finding one?

    - crab sticks, really??? with only 35% of fish inside

    - Dukan is really strict about the food list, but what I liked about Atkins that it did allow flexibility. Did anyone try to "play" with the food list? Will konjac noodles do any harm? Any snack ideas as all I can think about beyond crab sticks are prawns which gets really expensive?

    Sorry to sound skeptical - I guess it's adoption curve...
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    Hello there and I totally respect your cynicism and honesty!

    Vicky, from Atkins, is an ex-Dukaner too and she and I are good mates and compare menus often.

    The yoghurt people find lowest fat/sugar etc is Total 0% and then sweeten it yourself. Remember that Dukan is a French diet originally and the yoghurt he recommends here for us isn't available in England so things have been tweaked (as in each country it's now marketed in). Originally the UK programme okayed Muller Lite vanilla and toffee and it's true that their composition is pretty similar to that of the French recommended one BUT they are double size! At one a day, at your weight, you shouldn't have a problem with those. Avoid those with fruit chunks and any which aren't 0%. Some make their own yoghurt.

    I agree with you re crabsticks. His argument in the original French book is that they're easy to transport and are tasty. He now recommends having no more than 8 per day. Feel free to avoid. Also avoid most pre packaged foods in general as, if you read the small print, not only are they full of strange ingredients, but most have sugar and worse thereon. Ham, for instance, is not ok in France yet is in England? Go figure! I'd avoid once you see your weight loss slow. Again, what one can get away with initially is far wider than as one nears target weight.

    Konjac noodles are fine and are now included in the new additions.

    We've talked here a lot about the cost aspect of Dukan and I personally find my shopping bill cheaper than when not doing it. No fruit to buy. No alcohol, sweets, and rubbish. Most find they eat out less and start cooking again so preprepared foods, usually far dearer, are out of the shopping list. Buy things when they're on offer in bulk and freeze. Bulk cook and freeze portions.

    On the carb front, we have a higher carb intake, thanks to oatbran.

    He also recommends a 20 min walk each day from the outset... gradually increasing. Not a bad thing all round.

    Any questions feel free. I'm off on my holidays today but there are always old timers around to help :D
  4. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    Thank you so much Joanne for a very detailed and useful answer. Yes, I guess I got an old book and now after attending Dukan web-site etc got a better idea of what's new is on the table. Also, had some useful findings this week:
    - found a huge asian hypermarket nearby where konjak noodles are really cheap - about 50% cheaper than in health stores etc and got loads of other stuff like seafood cheap
    - Activia 0% youghurt doesn't seem to contain "sugars" just safe sweeteners - aspartame etc
    - it looks like "fake" crab tails are better than crab sticks - more real fish inside and less carbs so I plan to switch to those
    - also discovered Alpro coconut milk - not sure if it's allowed but this is really tasty and filling, at 20 kkal per 100gm might not be a big problem?

    Overall, -1kg over a day, probably water but it feels good to be back on track...It's too early to start exercising for me post surgery but will be back on my bike in couple of weeks.
  5. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hi there galathea, and welcome!

    You're already on the right track as you seem to have a good understanding of food labels. Don't believe anything the manufacturers say about 'low fat', 'lite', etc - it's the carb, sugar and carb % that counts. Amazing how much false advertising they can get away with really.

    Great advice from Jo already so I won't add any more to that.

    Good luck!

  6. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    Thank you Dukanista!

    Btw I made my first Dukan oat bran pancakes for a week ahead. Yum!

    2014-07-05 12.12.21-2.jpg
  7. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Wow, those look amazing! I may have to switch from muffins for a while... What recipe did you use?

  8. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    12 tbs of oat bran
    5 tbs of fromage frais fat free
    3 eggs
    and a dash of Splenda

    I put the mixture aside for 5 min, so it absorbs some liquid. Sprayed a pan once with 2kkal oil and spread it over the pan with a paper towel. Heated well. Put in 2-3 spoons of mixture and spread it over somewhat with the spoon. Brown from two sides. My pancakes are roughly 12-14 cm in diameter.

    My first pancake was bad and stuck to the pan (so I added additional egg and more bran, the receipt above is already adjusted for that) and heated a pan more. Afterwards it was perfect. I guess this also depends on the oat bran type you have, it will absorb more or less water if its fine or medium etc. The mixture should look slightly more liquid than Moma if you ever tried one.
  9. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Perfect! Do you get 6 pancakes (2 tsb of oatbran a day), or are you stretching it to more?
  10. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    I got 9, since i am on attack phase - almost perfect for me.
  11. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    Hmmm, really struggling...8 days of attack phase and only 3lb gone...and I am drinking 2 ltr each day, eat diary only every other day. I recall on Atkins I was dropping at this rate way into dieting when the whole thing slowed down completely...Plus, I constantly feel that I am on the diet - everything tastes awful, and I feel like I can't eat anything either due to the fat content or carbs...I will stick it to it for another week or so, maybe it will be easier with veggies...But if no luck with further weight loss, will probably need to go with something self devised (I would gladly replace oat bran with some fruit or berries :) )....It might be not even Dukan fault but the absence of gallbladder....
  12. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hi galathea,

    8 days on attack sounds like too long, so maybe that's why you've stalled? It's still a good loss, though, and I'm sure you're better off losing at a gradual rate. Well done!

    I can't speak for Atkins although it does work for some, but maybe stick with dukan a few more weeks before you throw it in? It works differently for everyone, and I'm sure you'll find that you're losing inches even if the scales might be stuck.

    Hang in there!

  13. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    Thank you. Had my first day with veggies - definitely brightened things to the better so will stick to it while I can...It's just those first pounds are so important to keep the morale up especially when you know that it gets tougher and tougher with each pound lost...
  14. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    You're so right. That's why I'm enjoying the intermittent fasting as a supplement to dukan, because you can get quick results but still see steady progress. But it's not for everyone.

    I lost my first 3kg on dukan in almost no time, but the last 2 took months, so I know the feeling. But I do also know that the scale doesn't tell the full picture, and I can see results with my clothes without any change in the stats. Frustrating!
  15. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    How are you working in IF Dukanista? X
  16. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hi LW,

    I'm doing 'eat stop eat', which involves one or two 24 hour fasts a week (I do two: usually Monday and Friday). I eat dinner around 6, skip breakfast and lunch the next day, and then eat dinner again around 6 or 7.

    I'm not strictly dukanning the rest of the week, but stick mainly to pv days with a few treats, fruit, chocolate, drinks etc. thrown in. Some days are pretty extravagant! I've started week 4 now and I'm down 2kg, so I'm really happy so far. I find it really easy to fit this into work and social life and I can still relax and enjoy 'off' days.


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