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Switching to maintenance???


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I know i'm asking this way in advance but is there any more information anywhere on switching to maintenance and what kinds of foods you eat at which stages?

Theres a basic guide in the booklets i've recieved but i find them really lacking.
For example when it says 2 conventional meals and two packs, What can you have in those meals just calorie controlled or low carb or what :confused:

Just looking for some advice really on how you reintroduce the carb content of your meals and get back to "normal" eating (before the weight pileage! lol)
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As eating low carb tends to give me loads of energy, I shall eat only a few types of carbs when I get to goal. I like brown rice, oats, oat cakes and maybe the odd spud.
I think the GI type plan looks quite a good long term plan to follow, balanced blood sugar levels, so you have that feel good energy factor as well as plenty of food to choose from.
Vicky, i haven't got my booklet to hand but i think you slowly move up the plans and re-introduce new foods with every step. Ie, if you start on TS you then move up to WS and the HS, until your body gets used to the new changes, this way you shouldn't retain any weight. Long term the idea is that you should have learnt new and important ways of eating healthily for life.
Sarahp may be able to clarify this.


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Hello DM and Gaynor,
I'm not sure if i made myself clear in original post DM :eek:

I get that you gradually move up the plans and return to conventional food etc what i was worried about is that with the conventional food does it still have to be low carb to prevent weight gain?

I don't really fancy the idea of being low carb for life when i was at my normal weight i used to love having porridge with yoghurt/fruit in the mornings and cous cous etc on an evening and never gained weight doing that, im just worried that with this low carb thing ill have to permanently avoid anything high in carbs not sure i could manage that long term :(
No, you shouldn't have to follow a low carb diet for life, as long as you follow the steps upwards. I think we just need to excert a bit of common sense, ie, not overload on the carbs and unhealthy stuff.
The reason people regain their weight after a vlcd is because they don't follow these steps and go back to their old way of eating. I can vouch for this....i did cd a while back, lost all the weight, didn't follow those impotant steps and went back to eating rubbish again...thus regained all of the 4 stones i lost.
Your diet of fruit/porridge sounds ideal.


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Thanks for clearing that up DM :D

Yes i'm planning on doing it all gradually step by step till im back to my pre-bulge diet! lol Just had a wee panic reading through the exante website thinking noooo i'm going to be low carb forever :mad: haha

The website on FAQ's says "we recommend that you continue to use shakes/bars etc as part of your diet in order to maintain and not regain your weight" (not a direct quote but was something along those lines) the question was about will i regain weight when i return to conventional food.

Didn't really find it very imformative like with the food you can add at each week of management not as comprehensive as things like LL seem to be, but i guess its all about sensible gradual changes so i feel much more at ease now thankyou :)
I agree vicky i don't think the booklet or website is particularly informative. They need to be precise about refeeding because weight gain is so common. I really think the company needs to give a lot more information.

I think they mean that the bars/soups are a great suppliment to use anyway because of the nutrients.


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Yes DM definitely needs more detail for the management stage but who knows by the time i get there maybe there will be, not sure if exante would be able to send out some more information if contacted them by email or something, shall have to see when i get there and go a bit by trial and error.
Hows your week going? not sure when your weigh in day is?
I'm feeling really positive at the mo! Coming on here and chatting about it and reading peoples success is really helping me, ill be practically living on here by the end at this rate lol
Yeah, i'm doing great thanks Vicky. This week has gone so quick, i've got my weigh in tomorrow:scale:. I'd be happy with a two pound loss...will have to wait and see.
I'm glad you are finding support here, it's a great forum. I've been living here too for the past three weeks:D.
How are you finding it?


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Vicky

I am in a bit of a rush, but as a quick answer, it is a case of gradually introducing foods each week on the healthy plan. You certainly don't have to low carb for life. You can introduce the more carby food on week 4 and just ensure you have sensible portions.

I met a friend of mine yesterday who has been size 8 - 10 all her life and has had 2 kids and she eats all food groups, just in moderation. I know what was wrong with my old diet and it's just about us being sensible.

I am working my way up the plans and am on simple now, but I am avoiding starchy carbs in the evening. I am having muesili or porridge for brekkie and i haven't gained so far. I will introduce rice, pasta etc when I get to goal.

I will feed back to the office what you are all saying about more info on the maintenance plan also, as i know they welcome the feedback.


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Thanks for replying sarah i was hoping you would!, i think i'm going to move from ts to ws then ss and hs to finish but if i lose most of my weight on TS i may just miss WS out, not sure yet though :confused: Its great that you can give Exante the feedback from us all, they may even give us extra guidelines for maintenance, that would be brilliant. Its reassuring to know that you've started reintroducing carbs and haven't had any negative effects on your weight.

DM- Good to know im not the only one that feels like their constantly on here!
I'm finding this week really good thanks, can't quite believe how good tbh!
Bet you were made up with your 6lbs loss this week, three times what you hoped you would lose its an amazing loss especially when its not even your first couple of weeks on the plan :)

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