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swithering to join SW or not?

hey all!

i am contemplating joining SW on thursday.

i have been a WW since i was 17, i know the diet (old) back of my hand but i dont do it! i pretend i point but if i really did i wouldnt be over 16 stone would i??

anyways i was thinking maybe i need a huge change, a shake up
a new thing to get my teeth into

been reading up, seems confusing green, red etc etc

so hoping i can get to grips

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It's really not that complicated, but like anything it takes a bit of time to get used to. You wouldn't expect to be fluent in french after one evening class and this is the same. You will probably find it difficult to put WW points out of your mind to begin with but you really have to trynot to count them as the plans are very different and this could really sabotage you.

Good luck, and any questions just give a shout!
If you do join you have to put all the ww stuff out of your mind. I was a long time member of Scottish Slimmers and I knew the diet inside out but I feel that knowing too much just makes you careless. That's why I decided to go for a completely different diet and joined slimming world today. The diet looks great and its so easy, hardly any counting, very few restrictions and most important..........loads of food. I'm full of enthusiasm this week because this is my first week but I'm hopeful my enthusiasm will stay with me for a long time as I have a big job to do.:D
Personally I find SW much easier than WW, minimal weighing and measuring and no counting. Keeping track of points would drive me mad! But I guess some people probably like the control that points gives. I would say definately give it a try, once you get your head around free foods and healthy extras it is pretty straightforward. Worth trying, might suit you!
Thing is the free food and superfood thing is rather simple when you get used to it. Its all about low fat good food, which you prepare yourself. So planning and organization is required. A few hours everyweek spent planning is worth it. Even the healthy extras can be *grab and go* meaning now weighing off them just picking up and then using/eating. The syns are the main thing. If you do join i recommend the food directory as its a really useful tool. Also he free branded foods book which has a list of branded healthy extra a and b's.

Green is excellent for veggies/vegans those who dont eat a lot of meat or fish. Red is excellent for the carnovoire especially if you not a huge fan of carbs such as rice, pasta and potatoes(green is carb based) and Extra easy seemed to be a combination of the red and green allowing all the food groups but with only one healthy extra a and b a day.

I just do green as i'm a veggie. Have found slimming world is perfect. I still can go out and have meal. I can have choclate or crisps is i feel the need. Also its effective, its sensible, its safe and it works :D
Hi there

I was a serial WW gal too - and had always been scared of SW as the idea of "free food" made me think I would lose control of how much I ate (I was a greedy -not so little - moo :p) ,
Anyhow after years of trying just about everything apart from SW I decided to give it a go.... I simply told myself that for 1 week I would totally ignore my WW voice in my head and just follow the plan ;)
1 year down the line and you couldn't get me off SW if you paid me... it as simple or as complicated as you make it, once you get into it I swear it is so simple and such a normal and sensible way of eating :D
So I would say give it a go and you can always check in on here when you get stuck .. you will get loads of help.....
best of luck!!!


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I was a WW convert for years (I was even a leader for 18 months) but after 6 years of doing it on and off I was bored of counting points and also hungry and miserable every day I was dieting.

I joined SW in Jan and would never look back now :) I love it as a 'diet', never really feel deprived, I eat lovely food every day and most importantly almost never feel hungry. I'm 18lbs down now and although I might have lost more weight quicker with WW there is no way that I would go back. SW is the way for me now.
for me the best thing about SW is that theres 3 plans within the plan. So if you do all EE days then find you plateau then you can do a few green or red to give yourself a boost and refocus on relearning the plan.
I am pretty much the same as everyone else .... I had tried WW and didnt really fancy the SW Green or red days but i stumbled across it by mistake last July and its absolutely brilliant .... I always felt deprived with WW, when my points ran out I couldnt eat anything else??!?! I was always hungry!! I cant recommend SW enough, its fantastic ... it works for our whole family because its just healthy eating, plain and simple ... my hubbys lost nearly 3 stone too, just because he is eating the same as me ........ Go for it ... I am sure u wont regret it!!! xxxx Good luck xxx
Hi all!

Well I joined!

First proper day today, and I feel so full

Had a hi bar thing fir breakfast, pasta salad for lunch and just finished dinner which was steak, baked potato, cheese and salad

Went wrong in that I haven't drank enough and I have also caught myself ( 3 times ) eating from my wee pudding dinner (1 year) oooops!

Have been writing recipe cards to make dinner easier!


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First proper day today, and I feel so full
Well done and welcome!!
It takes some getting used to & you have to put everything you think you know about diets, point, calorie & fat counting out of your mind or it won't work. I found it all very confusing to start off with, but it becomes second nature after a while!

Anyway, just wanted to wish you luck with your first week. If you have any questions - however stupid you may think they are - there's always someone around on here who can help. xx


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just wanted to say hi and good luck:D


Restarting my journey :)
I did WW It worked for my sister but not for me, i was getting no-where fast. So i decided Oct last year to go and make the effort and go slimming world on my own. It was the best thing ive done, a great bunch of ladies and ive lost 1 stone 11 pounds which i am really pleased with.
Thanks all!

Really feel I have too do this now, not just for me but for my wee boy
He will be walking I think in the next 4 weeks or so by looks of it and I need the energy to run after him and also to play

Lately it's been all, in a minute, in a minute!
Well as of today I will be making more of an effort

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