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syn free rice pudding - YUM

ive seen a few recipes on here for rice pudding with muller light etc, but i made some pudding that tastes *almost* as good as the real thing!!!

boil some pudding rice until soft. Drain. mix in some vanilla essence, semi skimmed milk (HE) and as much sweetener as you wish. mix until almost boiling then crack an egg into it, stir continuously until egg is cooked, you will be able to tell from the consistancy...

DEEELISH!!! :) hope you enjoy.
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Have just had rice pudding for pudding tonight, tastes JUST like the real thing and only 1.5 syns.

142g pudding rice
14floz milk (skimmed)
14floz water
8tbsp sweetner
vanilla essence

place milk and water in pan with sweetner and vanilla and gently simmer til disolved.
then place in bowl with the rice and put in oven at 150c for 1hr30mins stir after the 1st half hour.
is very yummy :)
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're syn-free rice pudding'
Thanks, ilovetechno that sounds delish! I like that you don't have to bake in the oven too! Note to self, ' must buy pudding rice' .... :)
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just an update, I coudn't find pudding rice so I got Italian arborio rice which is also short-grain. I just boiled it up, and put some cinnamon and vanilla essence in it. It actually tastes quite nice just like that, but when I have for pud tonight, will put a little milk and activia yoghurt in! Can't wait, roll on teatime!
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I'm going to try this! I've had the rice in my cupboard for donkeys now..!


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I made the one from the new little comfort book which was lovely, but shall try this one as it is less in syns if I use my HEXA for breakfast time :) thanks


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is the pudding rice free on green and extra easy days then? or is it a superfree?
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Like long grain rice, free just on green and EE - NOT red so not superfree :)


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Yes it's free. I've never done it in the microwave but I know others do quite successfully. But def not superfree as there is no fruit/veg content unless you are serving it with some chopped fruit.
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can you tell me where the syns come from please?? im a greeny girl so i get 2 a's and 2 b's
Maxine, I am a greeny too. I just tried red for a couple of days before weigh-in but miss my grains so back I go, rice pud here I come tomorrow!!!
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This sounds great my daughter has been driving me mad for a rice pudding but i was trying to be good, gonna give it a try on sunday!!


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I made Rice Pudding the other eve, tweaked the recipe a little:

75g pudding rice
1 pink skimmed milk (allowance over 3 days)
2 tbsp sweetner
Cinamon Stick

Bake in oven for 1.5 hours, remove and left on side for 15 mins, becomes thicker if you leave it, if you like it a little more liquidy, then dish it up as soon as its out of over. I grated fresh nutmeg on top and this was yummy, OH finished 2 portions of this off (had cooked this for my breakfast for next 2 days as well), so only had enough for desert. But soo nice :). OH Loved it.

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