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syn or not to syn

Have you tried other things first?

Drinking lots of water (2 litres a day), doing Success Express (and thus increasing your superfree food intake), eating all your HEs, getting some Body Magic in there....?

Syns are so important to the plan, helping you feel like you're a 'normal' eater! LOL! If you can start losing again by doing something else whilst still having your syns, then that's much preferable, IMO! I see reducing syns as a last resort.
Some people find if they lower them too much, they find they stall as well...could be to do with the body thinking it's not getting enough calories and kinda panicking and holding on to what it's already got!

But I know target members who did need to lower their syns to get those last few pesky lbs off...they will be able to advise you :)
I would eco Helli on this point...... your syns are very important with this plan. The plan does do a strict plan which is followed for one week only you must speak to your SW consultant about it... I warn you it is sparce to say the least. The reducing of syns may not be the solution to your problem. I know of three members who done both the reducing thing and then the sparce plan and the loss was not what what would have been expected. Believe it or not actually increasing your intake with free and speed food, fluid intake , and totally changing your weekly routine of the every day type foods give the best loss.

Dont forget up your exercise by 15% walking/swimming no weights as this will create muscle.

I hope this helps

i also dont say reduce ya syns,a woman in our class got stuck cause she was only having 5 syns a day and they told her to go have the 10 to 15 so she did and came back with a loss so id up the free food swap it all about and drink more water first maybe some body magic
For one week: I would keep your syns at 10 a day, vary your HEX Bs so you're having 7 different ones, measure your HEXs religiously, syn everything and check syns before you eat them, keep a food diary, try and drink 2.5lt water a day, and try doing a few Extra Easy days but having 2/3 of your plate with superfree foods and 1/3 red/green free food, mixed with a few red days.

See if that helps!

BTW - I've got a similar amount to lose as you to get to my target and I find the weeks where I do all red and vary my Bs are when I get the most losses (though I haven't tried the Extra Easy 2/3 to 1/3 yet which I will do if I reach a plateau).

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