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syn tab


Slow but sure....
Sorry can you explain your question a bit more please?

Do you mean you have had 30 syns in one day, if you have then just cut back on your syns for a few days to make it up again.


Wishing and hoping!
I have been on it before, its just sometimes i struggle with temptation like we all do, it does not help when you are your period. but not to bad today as i walked 2 miles to ease it off the system figgers crossed not to damaging as i wi tomorow. The major error was not looking at the detail off all the syns as they can be misleading, you have to actually look at the quanties. On a poisitive side have ordered a low syn snack book which will help make life a little more gentle :)
I dont belive it is a slip up to have 30 in one day if the occasion presents itself , whether it is TOTM or a family meal, or just a bad day, as long as you know you CAN indulge, and hopefully feel strong enough to cut back for the rest of the week, or cut out before if you know it is coming.

For example its Friday night and I am planning on finishing this bottle of wine(!), but when it comes to Monday I will be virtuously filling up on pineapple and forgoing mid-week syns for weekend treats.

Everybody will find the way that works for them, the important thing is embracing it and not getting bogged down in what i 'right and wrong' ....thats the beauty of SW.

good luck honey.

mmmm this wine is lovely :D


Wishing and hoping!
thank you, you are right but i normally perfer to stick to set amount of syns as that works for me. As i know that i am crap at saying 'no' except now i am getting better have hot chocolate in my cubord. the reason i mucked up was buying two different size cornettos thinking the one in the variety pack is 3 and the very tiny winy ones are less then 3. not till i looked at the syn online. still i learnt from that error and moving on, no but dwelling on it just got to shake it off and keep going on :)
Wow you seem to be taking to this like a duck to water - and if you are making any 'mistakes' you are learning fast. Well done!! You have the right attitude and that, in my opinion, is half the battle already won :D


Wishing and hoping!
oh trust me it has been a bloody journey and have excellent support from my partner making the effort to understand the plan and helps follow it with me when i see him :)
i have been on and off since 2007 but thank you for the support it means a great deal

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