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Syn Tin?


Last night at my SW group my leader advised me to try doing a 'Syn Tin'. My main issue is that I to pick at food a lot. She suggested that I have my own tin in the cupboard with about 50 syns worth of low syn snacks that I can pick at all week. That would still leave me with up to 7 syns each day for the rest of the week.

I am going to give it ago this week to see if it helps me but wondered if anyone else has ever tried this or heard of it?

Would welcome your thoughts and comments.
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I think Mrs Wilsoncroft (sorry if I'm wrong!) made a yummy treat tin and posted pics on here a few days ago. I think it's a fab idea and will be making myself one too when I get the shopping on Monday :D
I'd eat them all in one go!
I just can't have things like that in the house. If I want a treat I have to go out and buy one. I've tried buying little chocolate bars etc and saying I'd only have one or two a day, I just can't.
Might work for some and if it does then fantastic!
I'm usually the sort that can not rest until AAAAALLLLLL the chocolate in the house is gone. And then the biscuits. And then the crisps.


I have a syn tin. And I LOVE it. And I've honestly, in the 5 weeks I've been on SW, only gone mad once and had 3 curly wurlies in one go.

Don't ask me how it works. I'm just finally glad I can live in the same house as chocolate. So give it a go. You might surprise yourself. :)
So tempted to try this can we have some ideas for the contents? :D
I have a cupboard all to myself with my Options and things like mini eggs and Ryvita crisps etc in it, I think it's good to keep your things seperate from your partners/ childrens treats as you then get to reach for something low cal rather than OH's Mars Bar lol!
Here's what's in mine"

Mini smarties = 3.5 syns
Mini Bros (aeros) = 2.5 syns
Curly Wurlies = 6 syns
Mini snickers = 4.5 syns
Muesli bars = 5 syns
Mini Breaks = 5 syns

Never really bother with the last two TBH. I think my mother in law eats them for me, while I go mainly for the first three.
I could not have this in my home, i would scoff the lot. I prefer to see my week and work out if i will have syns leftover.....got a few nights out this week so my treat syns will go on alcohol.

I think i prefer to use my syns on foods, rather than on treats. Just me though - i used to have curly wurly most days, but would now prefer my meals to have gravies or sauces that use up the syns!!!

Thank you for all your replys and thanks for the link above. I have been shopping today and made up my own tin.
I will see how it helps through the week. Unfortunately I tend to eat whatever is lying around which is my reason for doing this- With two boys and my other half around there is no hope on having no nibbles round my house! Supposedly because you are 'allowed' to eat what is in the tin you crave it less - we will see!
Will let you know how I do.
pebbles67 said:
yes you do, come on have faith, you can do it. :happy096:
It's still early days for me! Bought a single flake as a treat and to use my sins.... was delicious and amazingly I didn't crave more chocolate afterwards! Normally I'd want more!!
It's still early days for me! Bought a single flake as a treat and to use my sins.... was delicious and amazingly I didn't crave more chocolate afterwards! Normally I'd want more!!
there you go, fantastic thats fab. :bliss:
I have one of these that I did today!

They have the following (all treatsize and all under 5 syns)

Cadbury's Caramel
Dairy Milk
Curly Wurly

Also I have a draw that has all my options hot choc sachet's, alpen light bars and fibre plus!

Actually, I think I've taken over the kitchen! :D
Love the idea :) I have a bag of treats but they've lasted me weeks! Some of my syns come from things that can't be put in a tin. Great idea though.
I love mini m&ms! Taste like smaller minstrels, take me ages to eat and only 5.5 syns if I remember right.

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