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Syns allowance

Okay, so I've been doing sw for a few months now and feel I shouldn't need to ask this question, but my consultant advises us to have around 10 syns a day (or 70 a week). After reading a few posts, it seems to be that most other people aim for 15 syns a day? :confused: Is this right? It seems too many, although I would love to have 15 instead of 10!

Also, I have noticed in a few posts that people are saying you should have both your HEs every day but I've never thought it was a big problem if I havent had them one or two days, and our consultant has never said otherwise. She just says that they're healthy EXTRAS-they're not pivital to the diet.

Thanks for your help, and sorry if i'm being a bit thick, but it's only after joining here that I've really had any contact with slimming worlders outside of my group! ;) x
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Hi Gemma,
I would say the Hex's are super important to the plan! I have been told to always have them!
For 2 weeks I was the same as you, not really eating the hex's and limiting my syns, I put on 0.5lb each week!
I couldn't tell where I was going wrong.
the next week I had 1 hex a and 2 hex b every day and between 12 and 15 syns everyday and guess what? I lost 3.5lbs!!!!

I'd say go for it, eat all your syns and see how you get on for the week!!


Nojo on the YoYo
I'd say HEbs = yeah have them both if you can
HEa = doesn't matter so much but at least try and have your milk
Syns = aim for 10, that way if you mis=measure something, or have a little chocolate biscuit hole then you can have 15 on occasion without worrying too much.

The rule USED to be 10 syns a day, 15 for guys. I think it has evened out over the years. The book now says 'aim for 5-15 per day' so a lot of consultants average this out to ten syns a day to allow for 'mistakes' that you don't realise you're making. EG, someone pointed out to me today that I'm having around 5 syns a day too many apricots in my HEb, because 142g dried and stewed is a HEb and i'm not stewing them, so therefore I should have chosen 71g dried ready to eat apricots.

PS booo to not having a CLEAR Healthy Extra book.
10 syns are hinted at for an average (it catches some of those that you didn't count or didn't know about) but SW advise 5 - 15 syns per day. You should DEFINATELY have your HEx's! hey're there for a healthy diet and your fibre intake! Don't worry if there's a day you happen not to, but they should be fairly standard in your day.
Maybe sw should rename healthy extras healthy essentials


Nojo on the YoYo
They're not essential though if they suggest 'choose once or twice from the following list...'

I guess it's for avoidance of doubt.
Thanks for all the help and advice guys :) It can be confusing at times, that's the great thing about this site! Well done Bruggie, that's brill! Okay, I'll make a conscious effort to have them every day and see how I get on next week x


I want to be fitter again
I think on green days it is less important to have all your healthy extras as the fibre can be had from your wholemeal pasta , jacket potatoes, peas. legumes parsnips etc. Often with green days my healthy extras are cheese, fish or nuts . . no fibre just protein xx
They're not essential though if they suggest 'choose once or twice from the following list...'

I guess it's for avoidance of doubt.
AFAIK they only say this about the HEa's not the HEb's.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I think you should ensure you have your 1 or 2 HEa and 2 HEb every day. They are extra in that they are not part of your free/superfree or syns, and healthy as they are specifically chosen to be healthy. I see no problem in the name Healthy Extra. They are there to make sure you are getting all the essential nutrients in your diet that you may otherwise miss out on by following the plan. It seems there is no doubt you MUST have both your HEbs, and you can have either one or two HEas depending what you fancy.

As for syns, as stated previously the guide is 5-15 (although I was told 5-20 for a guy!). I always aim for about ten. If I get to a time when I am struggling with weight loss then I can start to lower my syn intake, hopefully remedying the problem. Then when the loss restarts I can bump them back up again.
all three elements of the diet are equally important - syns, free foods and hex's, you should try to have all three for the plan to work at it's best :)

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