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Syns App

Yeah our consultant told us at group :D cant wait cos im never off the bloomin website on my phone checking syns as I do my shopping lol

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Oh and it will have food diary too and it will calculate how many syns youve had im sure :)

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No bother :) at least I dont feel creepy being the only one looking forward to it lol! Happy slimming xxx

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How you finding it doing it without going to a class by the way?

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I used to go to class, stopped and fell of the wagon (a lot!) and put on most of what I lost the first time. When I cam home from uni this summer I thought, enough is enough, and decided to rejoin. My job means the group I went to in my home town isn't doable anymore, as it was in the evening and I'm a waitress. So having a grasp of the plan from before, I knew online would be ok.
But actually, the best support has been from all the lovely people on here, they're fantastic and motivating and helpful.
Anyway, I've lost, in 6 weeks, 12.5 lbs, so nearly a stone, averaging at 2lb a week, which is better than I was doing before by MILES.

How are you finding the plan? x
Thats a good loss well done! I know how you feel a lot of things can get in the way. i have a 2 year old son so hes a pest at class and every week i need to try find a babysitter lol but i always manage something in the end.

I love the plan cos most food i like is free anyway and im just amazed at the fact there is so much i can eat ! Iv lost 13lbs in 6 weeks as i had 2 gains :( i lose 3lb every week and the gains were just 1lb so doing okay just want to be stick thin again lol !! X

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A determined Bear
Well done, that's a fantastic weight loss so far :) Good luck with the rest of your journey.

Haha, there were parents at my group who brought their children along, and I remember one of the admin people asking this little girl "So what are you going to do this evening when mummy has been weighed?" and the little girl said "Get a chinese takeaway, like we always do :)!"
Everyone thought that was brilliant, even the consultant laughed!

And I agree, all the foods I love like pasta, potatoes and rice, and beans and chickpeas (I'm veggie) are all free. I'm literally NEVER hungry and hardly even get cravings any more! Woohoo!
Oh wow, hadn't heard about this but I cant wait! I am forever looking up syns online or in my books. I have an Android so will have to wait a bit longer but hopefully it will be worth the wait!
Haha my boy tells people were heading to pizza hut! I wish a was as in craving it all the time lol sometimes im hungry cos im a bit of a fussy eater booo :( pop by again & let me know how youre doing ;) i love talkin to people on the diet! X

And yes it better be worth it lol cant wait for it to come out !

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I was just wondering the other day if there was an app for syns, my phone battery is always low at the the moment cause I'm always on the SW website and it takes ages to load!! :)
Ditto!! And I use up all my internet cause the website haha

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I've got a slimming world thing on my phone but its more an info apps that anything useful. i wonder if its this app thats been upgraded or something else. I'll need to ask on Tuesday if there has been any mention of a release date.

When I'm out shopping i'm put off by some stuff because i don't know the value, i now have a spreadsheet that i update and print off, double sided so when i'm at the shops i know what to look out for. most of the info i get is from here or the magazines. (how sad am i that i have a spreadsheet to go shopping) :)

on another note..... i was told on tuesday that the magazine isn't monthly!! there is only 10 issues in a year. I like the magazine and was disppointed when C told me this.
I know how you feel I tend to put stuff back if I dont know values. I think its a brand new app we were only told its August its due out and to keep an eye out maybe theyll release a date nearer the day its coming out

Dont be daft I take my syns food directory everywhere with me its worth the money you should buy it off ur C (7.50)

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I wonder if it will be like the ww app and you have to be a registered member to access it.

I have now out a few things on a spreadsheet and put it on my phone so I can check when I am out about.
Yeah I think youll log in the same way as you do online :)

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