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syns daily or weekly?


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It works for some to have them weekly, for some daily. Our consultant insists on daily so it stops binging, but I am an advocate for whatever works for you is the way to go.
Like everything is SW, some things work better for some than others.
I tend to do mine daily but if I have not used all my syns through the week and I have extra on the odd day, I don't feel that I have over indulged and it works for me!
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I have mine daily, if i did it weekly id loose all control and the plan would be lost under a mountain of kettle chips.
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I use mine weekly. I always have a lot after Wi, and the rest on Saturday and Sunday

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I have mine daily as I look forward to the little things in the evenings. I think I wouldnt be quite as honest with myself if I splurdged at the weekend and would probably have a lot more than I was supposed to!


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Many moons ago (back when tinned macaroni cheese was free) we were told we could save our syns up for the weekend. Now I am told to use them daily. However if I know I have a "weekend" coming up I will cut back to 5 or less daily and use more at the weekends.

I think its a case of trial and error to see what works for you.



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i count my weekly but i dont binge, it just helps, say if i want a takeaway korma for 16.5 syns, then i take it off my weekly total without worrying, i dont starve the rest of the week though, i normally always use about 10


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I use about 5-10 a day and then bank some syns for a splash out on a weekend (usually booze!) or unexpected dinner/take away where it is quite hard to count. Seems to be working fine for me at the mo but I think if I start to plateau then I will count daily as that way its that and no more. maybe weekly means you can be a bit cheeky with your calculations (or I certianly would be!)
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I use mine daily - if I did them weekly I would eat loads on the weekend and then not be able to get back on plan but I think its what's best for you.


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If working to weekly syns I think you need to be aware of when you weigh in is. A weekend binge before a monday weigh-in may not be the best idea. I think you also need to be confident that you are strong enough to get back on plan after a syn splurge and not everyone is.


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I go out most weekends so always save my syns up, usually have no more than 5 a day then save the rest..worked for me so far :)


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I tend to use mine daily, but if I have a special occasion I'll revert to a weekly total - use most of them for the special meal, and balance it out the rest of the week.

Curiously I noticed that on the occasions I've done this, I seem to have a bigger than usual loss at the next weigh-in. I think maybe it's good to just change it up now and again.

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