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Syns for Men

Everyone has the same now :) 5 - 15syns per day x
There's a man on this board, sorry can't remember name who has more than 15 syns. His C told him to, perhaps he'll be along to the thread in case I got that wrong!

As far as I'm aware children don't have more syns but they do have more HE's.


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I've heard this advice before - but personally stuck with the 5-15 (and when i started typically maxing at 15 a day every day).

I can understand where the advice comes from - but much preferred being on a level playing field as everyone else - no jealousies about having extra syns.

These days - i struggle to have 15syns anyhow.

The official answer (which I think is a little unhelpful!)

Q: How many Syns can I have each day?

For steady weight loss most people enjoy around 5 to 15 Syns a day, though this varies with height, weight and lifestyle. Members with more than 1 or 2 stones to lose, more physically active members and men tend to lose weight safely and well on more than 10 Syns as a basic daily allowance.
it was me !

ive been told 22 by my C. but ive over 100lbs to lose.

i do tend to aim for 10-15 though.

i dont like being different :-(


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When I first joined Slimming World about 15 years ago, the guideline was 10 sins for women and 15 sins for men (they weren't called 'syns' back then :D).

Looks like it's still roughly the same, with a bit of wiggle room and consultant discretion built in to tailor the plan as neatly as possible to every individual member.

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