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Syns in Glucose Tablets (Type 1 diabetes)


You shouldnt syn medication, which is essentially what these are. If your mum is hypo is more important that she takes her glucose and gets her Blood sugar back up quickly not looking for a synned alternative.

So true!

Generally my mum keeps her diabetes under good control, especially when on the slimming world plan which seems to help her a lot!

She doesn't need her glucose tablets too often but snacks on things like digestive biscuits or drinks coke when she feels she needs it so I'm wondering if there is anything she could have to replace them? Any ideas? Maybe rice cakes? x x x
Unless there is someone here who is properly qualified to answer that, I think we should not make suggestions. We could get things very wrong.

Glucose tablets, Coke and digestive biscuits all have sugar in them. I don't think rice cakes do, so I doubt if that would be a suitable alternative. But I don't know, so she should get qualified advice.


Glucose tablets have high glycemic index and a much faster absorbtion rate than say coke or digestive biscuits, so it really depends on severity of hypo, uptake etc. Its why some patients will respond to glucose and some require something like buccal Hypostop. Its not for the layperson to advise.

You mum should seek the advice of her diabetic nurse or speak to her leader with regard to diabetes.

My mums also a type 1 diabetic, and I wouldnt dream of tampering with her meds. By that I mean altering or tailoring her regime as the consequences would or could be much more than I could handle.

Good luck, and again speak to diabetic nurse fr alternatives and SW counsellor about syns, although I think they would say not to syn, and use as required.

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