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Hmm tough one. My leader says that you can't just save them all week and have a big blow out BUT if you are going out and you need to use flexible syns then you can, just don't flexible syn it all week lol.
If I know we're having a treat at the end of the week, i'll save my syns up for it. In the past it hasn't affected my weight loss as long as you don't go too much overboard i'm sure it'll be fine!
I'm thinking now whether I should be totally strict as it's my first week on SW or just treat myself on the weekend but nothing major. Hmmmm decisions! lol
Hey i agree with all the above!

On a personal note, if save my syns for a blow out i do put on weight, but if i sensibly use flexi syns i do lose, what were you saving them for hun?
Ruthy xxx
I love sour cheese & chive pretzels and was gonna treat myself to a bottle of wine over the weekend - seeing as I'm not going out and all my friends are for the Rugby:(
u dont have to but i found before when i didnt use even a couple my weight loss wasnt as gud!!

but in reference to savin them up, my consultant said that u cant save them, once their gone their gone!!so u may as well have them!!xx
Can u save yr syns up?

Am a bit confused now as have thought that you cld save yr syns til mid week or the end of yr week or whenever - now I've just read that once they're gone they're gone and you can't carry them over t another day - helppp!!! I've been on this for 2 days with no syns used as I wanna have a glass of vino tonite (Fri) so do I have to take this from todays syn allowance or can I delve into 'saved' ones??!!


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I do it the other way. I find I lose more if I use most of my Syns in the few days after WI then have minimal to no Syns on the few days before next WI

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Our consultant was telling us about a member who adds her syns up, ie: 10 a day = 70 weekly syns, and she just counts down from the 70 every time she syns, so it means that if she is going out on a friday for a drink or whatever, and she uses 70 syns well its game over lol, when the consultant told us this, 2 of the girls in group said that that was exactly what they did and it works because one of the girls has lost 3 stone since January!:)
Wow NANNY JAX thats sounds like a good idea, i never thought of it that way. I may just give it a try.

Ruthy xxx
I do mine in a similar way - I too allow 10 a day but the ones I don't use, I 'carry over' to the next day - (ie) I started SW last Wed + had none, same as Thu - then Fri I used 8 + Sat 6, so Sun's total (b/f) was 26 plus Sun's 10 allowance, making it 36 to use (phew) - had 11 Sun, so tonite I have a 'balance' of 25 + todays 10 (35 in total) - I know u have to allow 70 a week as we base SW on a weekly basis, so as I have been pretty good this week, and therefore 2morrw is my 7th day, I can afford to have a few glasses of wine tonight and tomorrow - is that right???


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That is right but I would advise having the higher amount of Syns AFTER WI rather than before as you then have all week to work them off!

When I'm doing it properly I will only have 0 - 5 Syns a day on Monday to Wednesday (WI Wednesday) and have a blow out on Thursday. I can lose a couple of pounds a week doing that

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