syns :(


i love minimins me :)
Ok i have to fess i kinda been naughty! not too bad but we were out all day so we had lunch out

so today has been -

breakfast - bacon sandwich (heb)
lunch - chicken pitta (4 syns) with chips (10 syns)
Tea - Sausage(syn free) mash (heb) and beans (2 syns)

snacks - 2 cookies (3.5 syns x 2) :( and muller light yoghurt

so thats 23 syns in total! do ya think if i didnt have any syns tomorrow that would even it out? jus i dont wanna have a flexi day as i would rather have one at crimbo (and dont wanna have them loads)

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yeah of course it will! to be honest youre allowed up to what 15 syns a day. so cut them out if you want to of failing that take 15 from 23 and u get 8, so just have 8 less syns tomorrow than usual. im new to slimming world and today i went to 21+half due to a bag of popcorn, so tomorrow im gonna aim to have 6-8 syns. im sure itll even out, just dont make a habit of it cos youll get out of your healthy routine. xxx