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T.V. Crews bad manners

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As you know yesterday I was going to do a boot sale type market. The venue was were we have our antiques unit.

When we saw the crew there, they were filming for Benidorm, the T.V. series, we decided to put my clothes on hold and make a display of our lovely things.

The directors just took over my stall...........didn't even ask my permission, banned me from my own stall, put an actor in, clanged and banged my things about. I could not work or sell. To say I was livid would be mild.

At first I went along with it as in my innocence I thought it would be over in no time............WRONG. It took the hours.

I spoke to the locations director who was patronising to say the least and have asked for compensation but doubt I will get any. I am so angry.

I am more angry at there high handed, arrogant attitude. How dare they.

Several of the stall holders could not work because of equipment etc blocking there stalls.

When I pointed out that most people were up at 5 to do this type of work and were in fact quite poor, ( it is true, so many of the people on a Thursday, are in a very difficult situation financially ) so because of the filming would suffer even more financial deprivation.

Her smart arsed answer was that her contract was with the owners of the site not us !!!!!!!! and that she was up at 5a.m. every day..........well bully for you, says me, you get paid for it and paid well so get your act together and make sure that the people who have lost out because of you and your crew are compensated.

We will see what the outcome is. I am not holding my breath.

I am totally disgusted with the high handed attitude of the "haves" to the " don't haves".
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Don't you have a contract with the owners of the site too? I'd have expected them to have warned people of the film crews' attendance Maybe the owners should share their fee with you stall/unit holders.

Anyway, as they were using your property, you should be recompensed. Good luck with getting some compensation.


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thats awful.
i fully agree you should be compensated....how disgusting and rude!
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
Too true I will let you know and I will get my teeth well into it.

The Locations Manager said she would come and see me this weekend......I am not holding my breath.

I will contact ITV direct if I hear nothing.


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And to top it off the series is naff anyway. Hope you get a positive outcome. What utter cocks!
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They should not have treated you like that, try your luck complaining, people higher up are likely to take your complaint seriously. Production companies generally don't want to piss the public off.

It was probably really up to the land owners to inform you before filming began and it was probably a pain in the bum for the crew to have to break the news, but they're trained to expect this and they should have gone about it far better than they did. They should also have warned you how long filming takes, unless you're doing that kind of work you're unlikely to know that short scenes do take hours. I know I'm always completely honest with people I interview over the time frame, because people just don't expect it to take so long.

The first thing I was taught when I started filming in public areas was to be respectful, polite and keep up a good level of communication, so it's a real shame they responded like this :(

Let us know how you get on. Please don't let this put you off film crews, most of us a generally very nice and polite!

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