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T5 Tablets ?

i dont know a lot about them but know a girl that took them and said they made her have heart palpatations sweats and sleepless night. x x


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never heard of them, do you have a link about them?


a new way of living!
eeik seen all the caffine! they wil defo be a stimilant. not sure if they are any good for you though. maybe speak to your gp or pharm before taking.
t5s off ebay are in general not proper t5s. They have a LOT of caffeine in them. Some are "eca" stackers. Epherdrine, caffeine and aspirin mixed at high ratios. Anyway basically dont mix them with lipotrim. And i wouldnt advise them off lipotrim either, they're similar to aphetemines, up your heart rate, make you shake and sweat. And you'll struggle sleep. Like bein on whizz or somethin stupid!
Hi there please can some one give me some adivice my friend has been taking these things called fat burners and lost loads of weight on them but i dont want to try them with out some advice first. She brought them from a company that deals with these T5 weight loss tablets i believe there are branded Forza.

Any advice would be great.


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I think the above link is an affiliated link so it really makes me wonder, whether this person is asking a real question, or just hoping someone will buy through her link...


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I've been taking fat burners for a few weeks, the caffine in them is about 100mg and i take 2, its about 4 cups of coffee (which i don't drink) i take them in the morning and i've had no trouble sleeping. They also have suppressed my appitite but not killed it, been having 3 meals a day and not felt the need to snack and i'm a grazer so its brilliant. I admit they're not for everyone, but if you get any major side effects stop taking them. Edphrdrine is banned in a lot of countries due to the links with heart problems, most don't have it in but its worth checking. I've googled them and there are some good and bad stories with most things, i'm not worried about heart problems mainly because at 22 stone i'm likely to get them if i don't lose weight. Just be sensible!

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