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Hi all,

So, tonight is my first SW session. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm approaching this evening with a mix of anticipation and nerves. I've read quite a bit on line in the last few weeks, so have some idea of what to expect.

I've finally realised that it's time to get back in control of the various bits of my life, and honestly want to lose the extras pounds (read as stones). With the bits of research that I've done, it really seems like SW is going to be the best option for me. I eat relatively healthily anyway... but I know that being held accountable for the "little extra's" will help a lot!

I'm pescetarian, so would really appreciate any tips/advice from anyone who's veggie or pesce and has followed the plan. I love cooking, but have fallen into the habit of being lazy - ie just putting things in the oven. So I'm actually looking forward to making things from scratch again, and making the time to do it!

Along side this, I am planning on getting my exercise back up and running. My gym are lucky enough to have me as a paying member, but I am a little lax in my attendence... this IS going to change! I also do a conditioning class on a Saturday morning, which is gradually getting less painful as the weeks go by.

Anyway, enough rambling from me! Will update again after tonight.

Over and out, T_T
So, first group and weigh in last night! Consultant's lovely, and the group all seem really nice as well.

The problem of living in the city centre is making itself a very real one; small supermarket's simply don't stock enough range! So, due to lack of car, will be doing an online shop tonight (unfortunately, we only have a stupid little freezer drawer, so not much space for frozen stuff!)

Breakfast would normally be high bran museli and fat free natural yoghurt. I wanted to save my HEXB, so I'm having fruit with my yoghurt instead. Also made sure that I grabbed some packs of baby carrots and fruit this morning, so mid-morning munchies are sorted too!

Lunch is the same as I've been having this week. I made a crustless quiche, with eggs and cottage cheese and loads of veggies. I put 25g of low fat cheddar over the top, and as that's done 5 days, I'm counting it as 4 syns over the whole week; meaning it's around 0.8 - but I think for the sake of arguement, we'll count it as one! Big side salad and some boiled new potatoes to fill up.

Syns by lunch time of day 1: 1

We're going for a team night out at Nando's next Wednesday (typical that it's the day before weigh in!) - any veggies suggest what's going to be good to go for?

Happy Friday everyone!
So that's the online shop done! Lots of healthy goodies will be arriving tomorrow afternoon. Made the mistake of buying Warburton's brown sandwich thins without checking them, so now the OH will be eating a lot of those!

Had a sandwich thin (5.5) and M&S low fat tuna sandwich spread (1.5) with salad for a snack.

Dinner is going to be plenty of veg, with a fish cake (not home made, so 7 syns for that. Probably a free yoghurt or more fruit to follow.

I had some dry cereal to make up my HEXB, after realizing that the thin wasn't the thing for it! And rather than syn-ing the cheese on the quiche, I had a bit of cheese later and used it to make up the rest of my HEXA. If I'm hungry later, there are cherry tomatoes and carrots in the fridge, which I'm always happy to snack on.

I'm going to take the time over the weekend to actually sit and do a meal plan, because I think it will make it a lot easier. As always, hints and tips are definitely welcome!

Total syns: 14
Morning! So glad it's the weekend, but there's no rest for the wicked.

Up early, free zero fat cherry yoghurt with chopped banana and blueberries for breakfast. Then a 2 mile walk to do my body conditioning class. Will take a banana to have for the walk home. Plenty of water to drink, goes without saying for me!

i might even go to the gym on the way home, if I'm not too dead after class.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Managed class and the gym! Will be feeling that tomorrow. Bit peckish when I got home, so slice of bread, and a Laughing Cow light as part of my HEXA. Added some Martmite, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks to make it a bit more filling.

Quick bread question, I got Hovis Wholemeal bread. It's the 800g loaf, but not the thick slices. Is it 1 or 2 of those that count for my HEXB?[h=1][/h]
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That's meal planning done for evening meals next week! Should make it a lot easier to stay on plan. I just need to sort lunches, but thinking of going for SW quiche again, as really like that.

Dinner tonight was all free and superfree. Quorn fillet cooked in a sauce made from tinned tomatoes, onions and the remaining HEXA triangles. I over-estimated how much the two of us would eat, so we have leftovers for tomorrow or another day. Filled up on potatoes, asparagus, carrots and green beans.

Of to the pub in a bit for a friends leaving do. I haven't been drinking all that much because of medication, so shouldn't be too hard to stay on plan.

I wanted to make up for being at the top of my Syns yesterday, so just had an Alpro vanilla dessert for pudding.

Total Syns for the day: 5.5

Edit: total so far anyway... I may want something when we get home later, and as syns are already so low...
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So last night was OK - not a fan of overly busy places and big loud groups. Stuck to diet coke mostly, and had one bottle of Bradleys Elderflower. It's carbonated water, elderflower and sugar cane. No info on the bottle, but until I find out any differently, I will count it as half a Syn - meaning yesterday's total was 6.

Late breakfast this morning, because we've been lazy! Used the garlic fry light (delicious and saves chopping garlic cloves!), to fry off an onion, one red and one orange pepper, and chestnut mushrooms. Scrambled an egg through it and served with tomatoes. Scrumptious and totally free!

Will also be popping to the gym again later; anything to avoid the F1!
For lack of better info, I've emailed the manufacturers of the elderflower juice; better not to guess!
Went to the gym this afternoon. Had a banana before I went, but was still starving when I got back! Had my HEXA and HEXB - a slice of wholemeal toast with low fat clover (1 syn - it would have been low, low fat, but Asda subbed it on my order), some Marmite and low fat cheddar.

Going to make dinner in a bit. Homemade salmon and sweet potato fishcakes; I'll use about 50g of breadcrumbs for both portions, which come in at 4.5 syns for 1 portion. A lots of veg as well.

Also need to crack on with lunch for the week; so I'm not rushing around too much in the mornings.
Morning - Monday again already...

I made plenty of mix for the fish cakes last night, and have saved some, which I will fry off without breadcrumbs. Only used 25g for both portions that I cooked last night, so will count 2 Syns for myself from that. Also had a packet of quavers and the clover, as well as a tablespoon of low fat mayo . Total syns for Sunday: 9.5

Breakfast today is my HEXB, Dorset nutty museil (yum) with fat free natural yoghurt, a banana, blueberries and a nectarine.

I'll be getting some of my HEXA from the left over quorn fillets from Saturday, and have a little tub of Philadelphia mini to have with my chopped veggies for morning snacks.

Lunch is also free; SW quiche with lots of veg and some tuna, with a salad and cold new potatoes.

Home from work a bit early and peckish, so having a free tomato and herb mug shot to keep me going. (Don't really want stomach rumbling through my CBT session!)
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Nearly dinner time - and boy am I glad it's a quick and easy one. Exhausted after CBT and the last thing I want to do is think too hard about food. Was inspired by the idea of using a banana, a toffee yoghurt and a large caramel snack-a-jack as a cheats banoffee; unfortunately, muller light toffee have gelatine in, so I can't eat those. I'm going to use a few more Syns to have a caramel Alpro.

2.5 for the snack-a-jack and 5.5 for the Alpro, means a total of 8 Syns for today!
Tuesday's food diary:

B - fat free natural yoghurt with loads of fruit
L- jacket potato with cheese (HEXA) and Clover light (3.5 syns)
D- home made sweetcorn soup, with noodles. Served with a big salad and some of the fish cake mixture browned off in fry light. Had a caramel Alpro for pudding (5.5 syns)
S- fruit and veggie sticks. Bread (HEXB) with quark, marmite and tomatoes.

Total syns for Tuesday: 9
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Morning, at home today, as not feeling great. I know that it makes me more tempted to snack on the bad things, so will have to be extra careful! I was meant to be going to Nando's with work people tonight, so didn't have a meal planned. I know there are some Tesco veggie burgers in the freezer, so may have those (0.5 syns each, and use some cheese from my HEXA)

B - HEXA slice of wholemeal bread with quark and Marmite. Followed by a banana

L - Had some chopped veg and made a dip using part of my HEXA (low low cheddar spread), with mustard powder, fat free fromage frais and quark. Also had a few slices of quorn beef style left, which needed to be eaten. A free tomato and herb mug shot.

D - Tesco's soya burgers (1 syn for two), with low low toastie slices (the remainder of my HEXA). Roasted purple cauliflower, heritage carrots and golden beetroot (farmers market day, so lots of nice veg!) Decided to treat myself to a pudding, and have got an M&S Count on Us Double Chocolate Sundae (they've put gelatine in a lot of the range now, which is really annoying) - at 9 syns.

S - fresh fruit. Pack of Quavers (4.5)

Total syns: 14.5
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Weigh in day! Good luck to all you other Thursday weighers out there!

B- blueberries, banana, necatrine and half an apple with fat free natural yoghurt.

L- SW quiche packed with tuna and lots of super free veggies. Side salad and cold new potatoes.

D- will probably make up a pasta dish with plenty of veg (mushrooms and a pepper in the fridge that are crying out to be used!) Got lots of superfree in with the mushrooms, pepper, onion and tinned tomatoes. Also chucked in tin of mixed beans, some tuna and a bit of quark. Delicious and spare sauce left for another day. (it's times like this that I wish we had a proper freezer!)

S- veggie sticks and apple with 2 x mini tubs of Philadelphia light (HEXA) and a slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) with quark and marmite.

Will work syns in throughout the day - more than likely some cheese on the pasta and a cheeky pudding after weigh in!

Nearly the weekend! Yay (extra excited, as I have 2 weeks annual leave coming up!)
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Morning all. Happy Friday! And my last day of work for 2 weeks yay.

B - banana, apple, nectarine and grapes with fat free natural yoghurt

L - the sauce from last night, which I will heat up with some potatoes - a bit like a soup I guess! And a salad (it would have been quiche, but I forgot to put it in the fridge, and it was a bit green this morning :-( )

S - carrots/apple/cucumber/tomatoes with light phili tubs (HEXA)
Yay! Holiday time.

S- slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) with quark and marmite

D - cod - which I'll probably bake with some lemon and garlic. Served with purple cauliflower, brussell sprouts and carrots.

And a scrummy M&S luxury yoghurt - bannoffee flavour Syns 12 (to be on the very safe side!). It seems to be pretty new, and isn't on the website yet.
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B - quick breakfast before heading off to body conditioning. Free pina colada yoghurt (Shape 0 ones - amazing!) with grapes and a banana.

S - banana on my way back to town, before hitting the gym for half an our on the cross trainer and a bit more abs work. Then a slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) with quark, marmite and a slice of chicken style Quorn.

Need to shop for the start of next week, before we head off on holiday. Off out tonight, for a friends belated birthday celebrations. Here's hoping the places we go have something other than diet coke!

Edit: that's most of the shopping sorted for the next few days, apart from managing to forget eggs! ooops.

L - not too hungry, so had some tinned spaghetti and some veggie sticks.

D - going to have Quorn sausage (1syn per sausage) and instant mash (it needs using!), with cheese (HEXA), served with asparagus, carrots and whatever other veg I can unearth from the fridge. Had 4 sausages, so a total of 4 syns for that. And an alpro vanilla pudding (5.5)

Total Syns: 9.5

Also going to have a go at some SW cupcakes in the next few days. A lady at work is on a sugar free diet, so I'm going to try and make the lemon drizzle cakes, but will have to adapt the drizzle part, as the recipes says to use icing sugar. Any suggestions welcome!
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Lazy Sunday morning; we were out late catching up with friends'.

B- my lovely other half is cooking me an omelette with tuna, sweetcorn and cheese (HEXA)

L - not overly hungry, as we had a late breakfast. Packet of quavers (4.5 syns), slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB), with quark, marmite and tomatoes.

I already know that I'm going to make a veggie chili for dinner, which I'm going to serve with rice and salad. Added onion, pepper and lots of mushrooms to the chili to pack in the extra free. Fancied some reduced fat salad dressing, so just had a tbsp of that (0.5)

Made some sugar free cakes - bit of a disaster, as the self raising flour didn't work, but it gives me an idea! I've had 1 of those, which the website advises are 2 syns each.

Sunday: 6 syns so far (might just have an alpro pudding later!) - skipped the apro and just had a free nectarine yoghurt.
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B - fat free natural yoghurt with banana and nectarine.

First day of holiday, and lots that I should probably be getting on with. Need to get to the gym at some point, and start sorting things for Florida.

Making a prawn and pasta dish for dinner tonight, as that's what the OH fancied; plus the mushrooms and peppers need to be used. Will be saving my HEXA to have some cheese on my pasta!

S: Alpen light bar (3 syns) and an apple after the gym!
- slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) with quark, marmite and quorn style ham.

L: Bowl of chili and rice left over from last night and some salad.
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Tuesday (and only 2, well, 1 and a half sleeps until Florida!)

Had an aplro yoghurt for pudding last night, taking the total syns for yesterday to 8.5

B- fat free natural yoghurt, with banana, watermelon and mango

Weight in today, because of being away from Thursday. Don't mind if there's not been a loss since Thursday; just don't really want to see a gain. I've made the decision that I won't be staying on plan whilst on holiday. I will be making the sensible choices though, and I have a week when I get back until my next weigh-in, so will have the time to get back on track.
Yay! Another 3.5lbs off at weigh-in. Happy with that as a half week result. Now to try to not put it all back on whilst I'm in the States!

L - small salad to start, and then left over pasta from last night, with cheese on the top (HEXA)

D- will be making a quorn stir fry, (1.5 syns for the sweet chili sauce) And have got myself an M&S Count on Us chocolate sundae as a little well done (9 syns)

S - carrots sticks with a mini tub of phili light (remainder of HEXA). Apple slices. HEXB toast.

Total syns: 10.5
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