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Tabasco sauce!

Can anyone help me? I have just read on a previous thread how RED came out of ketosis because she put tabasco sause in her soup. Well low and behold I have it in my soup everyday as I thought it was ok to have to add that bit of spice. Well now I am beginning to panic and think maybe I am out of ketosis aswell as I have started feeling hungrier than usual. Can anyone shed light? :confused:
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I believe it's what tabasco sauce is made from that makes it a potential risk. Generally speaking I tell my clients they can have herbs they could grow in their garden, but anything else can potentially mess with their plan. On CD you are allowed 1gm of curry powder so that might be a good alternative.
LL make a point of putting Tabasco sauce as an allowed item in our booklets. However, only the original variety, I don't recommend any other colours/varieties.

Normal tabasco sauce should not cause any problems. I have used it in my soups at week 3-7 but have since gone off the soups. I can say my weight loss has been consistent, and therefore not affected my ketosis.


If you're using it in your soups, and still loosing, don't worry... :)


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Apologies - I was speaking from a CD perspective. Ignore me :eek:


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In my first few weeks on the programme I had at least 6 or 7 splashes plus about 5 pinches of pepper in the soups because I didn't like them (I do now though!) I stayed in ketosis and haven't been out of it yet to my knowledge. The foundation booklet that you record your weight in says that you can have unlimited CLASSIC RED tabasco - I seem to remember that Icemoose was having a few splashes neat out of the bottle to deal with his hunger pangs at the beginning of his blog and he was definitely in full ketosis all the way through!

I know a few weeks ago someone was using tha habanero tabasco which may have taken them out of ketosis. So don't panic!


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I know alot of people use the tabasco and have no complications so I would tell you not to worry about it - I on the other hand must be just sensitive to it so I will stay away from it...If its ausing you no problems go ahead and enjoy!!


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I used tabasco sauce (original) a lot in the very early days, to no ill effect. It was recommended by our LLC and in the books I beleive. However, now I have really gone off it! (Complete over kill, I suspect!)

Now I just enjoy the soups as is, or with black pepper. I used to love the chicken soup, but find now it gives me heartburn, so I tend to be a mushroom soup girl! And that is very odd, as I have never liked mushroom soup before at all!!


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I have about 8 splashes mixed into the thai chilli when I'm making crisps (about 5 times a week) and it's not affected me - as Red says she may just be sensitive towards it.

Phew! Feel so much better now thanks for all your advice. Getting weighed tonight so will let you know if my weight loss has been affected, but reading all your posts has reassured me and I think I should be ok.

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