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Tablet Help

Hello my lovelies!

I've seen some tablets on offer in boots called "fat control". Now from what I can tell these seem to be sort of an own brand verson of Xenical/Alli and I'm tempted to try them but just wondered what you all thought.

I've been on xenical before and it really did shift the weight (I lost 14lb in 2 weeks!) but it made me so so ill that I couldnt bare to take them anymore and gave up on it.
So I know the rules/side effects etc. But I was thinking that maybe because these are boots own, and they say to take 2-3 or 3-4 after a high fat meal that if I only took a smaller dose they might be ok for me.
What do you reckon?
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Hmmm not sure. Just because they are Boots own doesn't mean they are better or safer...I would just stick to a normal diet as you are doing. It's a lot safer, and you don't have to deal with the severe consequences if you over eat! SW is low in fat anyway, I'd stick with that x
Unfortunately I can’t read that at work, the internet filter thing has blocked it :( but I will have a look when I get home, thank you!

I don’t think they can be dangerous considering the doctor prescribes them!

Has anyone tried them?
That's the point you see, I've had xenical prescribed before, but they were just too strong. So I wondered if anyone had tried these or what people opinion was because I might get some and see if they're not quite as strong :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
GP's prescribe lots of dangerous drugs. just depends if the positive effects outweight the risks/side effects.

personally i would stick to SW and carry on as normal. SW is very low in fat anyway, so don't see how alli-type tablets would help as they prevent your body from absorbing fat rather than help to burn fat.

it's your body at the end of the day, so go with whatever feels right for you :)

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I know some people that have been on xenical, and some like you - it was great for (but they couldn't take the side effects) and one person it didn't work for what so ever.
I thought it worked by absorbing a third of the fat from your meal (or something?) there's not that much fat in sw meals :-s

I dunno hun, if you've had success before it might be worth a go :) x
If you're following sw 100% then you'll be having a very low fat diet anyway, so the tablets wouldn't achieve much as you're not eating fat
To not experience the side effects of Xencial you need to be having less than 5g of fat per "food item" or 15g per meal. If you're following Slimming World to the book then you'll be having less than that any way thus making the tablets practically redundant.

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