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taffs diary


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hi all.
joined slimming world this morning after failing to restart lipotrim.
decided that a diary might help me stay on track.
i'm somewhat,a serial dieter.i managed to lose 3.5 stone on slimming world a few years ago and after trying to get on board again last year and failing,i tried 15 weeks on lipotrim and lost 5.5 stone.
had some seriously devastating stuff happen in december and i have managed to put on 2 stone of what i lost.so here i am x
gonna try this week as extra easy.i did put weight on when i tried it last year but gonna give it another go.wish me luck x
oh and please point out if i'm going wrong somewhere or if you feel i can do anything differently.

today i have had-

breakfast- bacon,egg and tinned toms

lunch- tom and herb pasta'n'sauce with cheese(heA)

tea- lean steak with carrots,peas and broccoli.

snacks-hi fi(heB),2 muller lights,2 alpen lights(6 syns),walkers french fries(4 syns),skinny cow mint hot choc(2 syns)

total=12 syns
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Hello, first of all, well done on your previous fab loss, sorry to hear you had a horrible December, hope things are starting to look up. I'm still too scared to try ee, wimp I know.
Good luck with sw


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day 2

breakfast- bacon,scrambled egg,beans

lunch- chicken,jacket spud,salad,peas

tea- chickpea dahl,cous cous,with cucumber,toms and onion salad

snacks- orange,pear,mullerlight,hifi bar(6 syns),cheese(heA),asda wholemeal pitta(heB),alpen light(3 syns),french fries(4syns).

total syns = 13


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day 3
all going well.my wii fit board and plus game arrived today and i love it!i've been doing the just dance game too and really like that.managed to put a huge shed together today and took the dog for a walk.i'm normally so lazy.i take the car everywhere but really wanna fit some exercise in.

breakfast - banana,tin toms on 2 nimble toast(heB)

lunch - tuna,mixed salad,peppers

tea - rice,syn free chicken curry made from tin toms,peppers,onion,garlic and chicken breast.

syns and snacks - alpen light(3 syns)mullerlight,melon,cadbury light choc mousse(3 syns),2 weetabix(6 syns),skimmed milk(heA)

total syns = 12



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The Just Dance game is fabulous <33 I love how much you get to bounce about with it and with chart music.
yeah it's brilliant.i like dancing about to dare and who let the dogs out at the mo.had to buy a wireless nunchuck though coz kept strangling myself with the wire lol x


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well done so far on day 3, hope you have another good day x
thank you x :D

day 4

breakfast - 42g crunchy bran(heB)skimmed milk(heA),banana

lunch - hot and spicy chicken breast,mild curry savoury rice,salad

tea - beef and veg stirfry

snacks and syns - curly wurly(6 syns),alpen light(3 syns),light choc mousse(3 syns),tangerine,pear,half honeydew melon,mullerlight

total syns = 12

been another good day today but have been feeling hungry for some reason.been eating plenty and i'm fine now.just one of them days i think.


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gonna do todays diary early as going to be busy later putting the felt on the roof of the shed we built the other day.planning on doing an hour on the wii fit later and 30 mins on just dance.

day 5

breakfast - bacon,tin toms,baked beans,scrambled egg,2 nimble white toasts(heB)

lunch - low fat super noodles chicken and herb mixed with micro bag of carrots,broccoli and sweetcorn,soy sauce,chilli flakes and black pepper

tea - pasta with a homemade syn free tom and herb sauce,42g low fat cheddar(heA),side salad of lettuce,cucumber,toms,onion,carrot and beetroot.

snacks and syns - melon,banana,mullerlight,alpen light(3 syns),french fries(4 syns),curly wurly(6 syns),mini milk lolly(1.5 syns)

total syns = 14.5
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well,got another busy day ahead of me.
going to take my daughter to watch peppa pig at the theatre today.going to eat lunch out too.not sure where to yet but will make sure it's meat with jacket and salad or something along those lines.
going to do plenty of walking around town today too.later i'm going to get on the wii fit again.i'm really loving it and like the fact that you can watch the telly and still do step or jogging for up to half hour.beats sitting on my fat bum doing nothing x
update the food diary later.



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day 6
breakfast - baked beans,2 nimble toast(heb)

lunch - banana,sw bacon,onion and pepper quiche,salad,new pots,low fat cheddar(hea)

tea - egg noodles,mixed veg,soy sauce,chilli flakes

snacks and syns - mullerlight x 2,melon,8 wine gums(6 syns),3 cadbury choc eclairs(3 syns),alpen light x 2(6 syns)

total syns = 15
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day 7

breakfast - half honeydew melon,mullerlight,banana

lunch - egg noodles,carrots,sweetcorn,broccoli,peppered pork steak

tea - roast chicken,swede,cabbage,peas,dry roast pots,2 mini yorkshire pudding(2 syns),3tsp bisto best granules made up with water(3 syns)

snacks and syns - curly wurly(6 syns),french fries(4 syns),2 nimble(heb),28g cheddar(hea)

total syns = 15

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