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TAFFS food log(mainly green days)


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tuesday 30th march 2010

extra easy

breakfast - banana,fibre plus dark choc and almond cereal bar(5.5 syns)

lunch - mugshot,half honeydew melon

tea - chicken curry made with tin toms,onion and curry powder,wholegrain rice mixed with peas,carrots and broccoli

snacks - dorset cereals apple and raisin porridge(heb),skimmed milk(hea),mullerlight,apple,curly wurly(6 syns)

total syns = 11.5
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wednesday 31st march
extra easy

breakfast - dorset porridge(heb),skimmed milk(hea),banana

lunch - bacon,scrambled egg,tin toms,mullerlight

tea - chicken tikka made from chicken breast,fat free nat yogurt,tikka spice,lemon juice served with potato wedges,salad,asda wholemeal pitta(6.5 syns)

snacks - hellmann's extra light mayo 3 tbsp(1.5 syns),french fries(4 syns),alpen light(3 syns),strawberries

total syns = 15


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thursday 1st april

red day

breakfast - syn free pancakes with banana

lunch - prawns with chilli and garlic and stirfry veg

tea - lean roast pork,cabbage,swede,carrots,broccoli,,2 mini yorkshire puddings(2 syns),gravy,made with the syn free pack of onion soup,made thicker(not sure this will work but worth a go)

snacks - curly wurly(6 syns),kelloggs fire plus dark choc and almond cereal bar(heb),mini milk lolly(1.5 syns),apple and raisin dorset porridge(heb),skimmed milk(hea),french fries(4 syns)

total syns = 13.5
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Hi there

You seem to have 2 hebs on an Extra Easy day so you'll have to syn one of them. Or you could go for an original day then you should be OK.

Looks great otherwise


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sorry i forgot to change my day to red.changed my mind about what to do today.thanks for noticing though x


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from a multipack they are 4 syns(19g bag).
single bags are 4.5 syns (22g bag)
hope that helps :)


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friday april 2nd
green day

breakfast - dorset porridge(heb),skimmed milk(hea),apple,orange

lunch - low fat super noodles chicken and herb with pack of micro veg mixed in with soy sauce and chilli,shape zero yogurt

tea - tom and herb pasta'n'sauce,jacket pot,side salad of lettuce,toms,cucumber,onion,yellow pepper

snacks - fibre plus bar(heb2),curly wurly(6 syns),french fries(4 syns)

total syns = 10


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right,time to fess up!
last night something happened in me and i lost the plot,BIG STYLE!
i feel so bad today about it though.
i made the mistake of buying mikados and ate 3 boxes :eek:,yes you read that right!
not happy with just that,i then decided to eat a packet of snack a jacks.
i'd already had my syns for the day and went over by loads,at least 30.
really don't know what came over me.
not gonna be doing anything like that ever again.it's not worth feeling this rubbish over.
anyway,decided to do green days for a while as i do find i snack less as i can have 2 heb's.gonna be using one a day for a choc cereal bar and the other for either cereal/porridge or bread.
i lost 3.5 stone in 3 months doing all green days a while ago so i'm hoping this may work for me again.
wish me luck :eek:


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saturday 3rd april
green day

breakfast - cherry shape zero,42g crunchy bran(heb1),skimmed milk(hea)

lunch - baked beans,cheese(hea2) and tomato omelette.orange,pear

tea - quick veg curry made with tin peas,carrots,onion,garlic,peppers,tin toms and curry powder,wholegrain rice

snacks/syns - fibre plus bar(heb2),mini milk(1.5 syns),curly wurly(6 syns),salt and vinegar snack a jacks(4.5 syns)

total syns = 12
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today has gone really well.
really pleased that snack a jacks are only 4.5 syns a bag.i'm really shocked as for some reason i though they were 7 and always counted them as that when doing slimming world before.:D

got a baby's blessing to go to tomorrow.gonna be food everywhere but gonna wait til i get back to have a gorgeous roast beef dinner that my mum will be dishing up for me.
might have a bar of chocolate or something too but gonna try and stay within syns if i can


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yesterday was a disaster!
i had a mini pasty,choc teacake,welshcake,small slice of pizza at the blessing.
also ate a creme egg and a cadbury choc chick filled with buttons which was 44.5 syns :0
had a beef roast dinner which was fine.

i'm gonna be so lucky if i only put on 1lb tomorrow at weigh in.
anyway,back on track from now on.


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monday 5th april
green day

breakfast - banana,shape zero,fibre plus bar(heb)

lunch - chicken savoury rice,curry made with chickpeas,onion,peppers,peas,carrots,broccoli,sweetcorn,garlic,curry powder and tin toms.

tea - egg,beans,sw chips

snacks - 2 ryvita (seeded)(heb),laughing cow extra lights(hea),
options(2 syns)mixed in quark,curly wurly(6 syns),snack a jacks(4.5 syns)

total syns = 12.5


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tuesday 6th april

green day

breakfast - fibre plus milk choc bar(heb1),banana

lunch - jacket pot,baked beans,low fat cheddar(hea1)

tea - pizza toasts made from 2 bread from 400g loaf(heb2),passata,low fat cheddar(42g hea2),toms,red pepper,onion,herbs,sweet pot wedges,salad

snacks - salt and vinegar snack a jacks(4.5 syns),curly wurly(6 syns),mullerlight,tangerine,pear

syns = 10.5

really pleased that i have (somehow?)managed to stay the same at weigh in this week with the amount of junk i've eaten.
gotta be extra careful this week although i'm gonna be eating out thursday night.might see if we can go for an indian and do an ee day with chicken jalfrezi or similar which i think is 6.5 syns,and boiled rice.well managable and within syns.



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been informed very kindly by someone that chicken jalfrezi is 8.5 syns which is still good.may opt for the chicken dhansak though which is only 6.5 syns on ee with boiled rice.


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wednesday 7th april
green day

breakfast - banana,mullerlight,fibre plus dark choc bar(5.5 syns)

lunch - cheese toastie from 2 nimble(heb2),low fat cheddar(part 42g hea1),salad,pear

tea - wholemeal pasta,home made tom,basil,red pepper,garlic,onion sauce,low fat cheddar(part hea1),asda wholemeal pitta bread(heb2)

snacks - syn free home made lemon ice lolly,options(2 syns),snack a jacks(4.5 syns),alpen light(3 syns)

syns - 15


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thursday 8th april
extra easy

breakfast - bacon,tin toms,2 nimble toasts(heb)

lunch - tuna,pasta,sweetcorn,salad,mullerlight,banana,pear

tea - all you can eat indian.i had dry chicken tikka,salad,boiled rice,part of paratha,melon,apple

snacks - none

syns - didn't have extra syns as not sure about oil on chicken tikka and the paratha
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