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Tail between my legs :(

Well after losing 3.5 stone on Lighterlife and Cambridge last summer, I am back to square bl**dy one again :cry:

I have decided that although the crash diet is great for very quick weight loss, it is clearly not the right diet for me as I learnt nothing about long term healthy eating. So here I am back on the WeightWatchers forums - having done WW before, I KNOW it's more of a long term healthy eating plan :D

I am now trying to decide whether to do WW online or WW meetings - has anyone had any experience with either and if so, which would you suggest doing? I definitely need lots of support and guidance because if I go off the track, boy do I go off the track!

HELP me decide what to do!!!!!!
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Hi Sarah,

I have done the meetings.

I found the meetings are excellent for learning about reading labels and being aware what is in our food.

I was a little shocked actually to learn what a portion of food looks like:rolleyes: to what I was used to eating :p as the leader we had brought in different samples of food each week and always had some new recipe idea for us to try out.

Group support I found very good, but I guess this would depend a lot on the particular leader.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Sarah :)

I know just where you are coming from! Although I havent put all the 6 1/2 stone back on I lost 2 years ago with LL/CD I am now nearly 2 stone more than I would like to be.:eek:

I know LL/CD is the quick route to slimdom but I like you havent really learnt a lot from it - except that I really really like being slim as apposed to being larger. I tell myself that at the moment I am a fat slim person! If that makes sense!

I rejoined a WW meeting on 1st March & so far have lost 7lbs (which I could do in a few days on CD) but I am just taking one day at a time & learning to enjoy my food, reconise my feelings instead of just reaching for the chocolate and trying to eat how a ''normal'' slim person would.

I do go to a meeting & I do think the staying to class helps as often over the last few weeks I have thought back to something which was mentioned in class. And the way I see it if you are paying £4.95 to weigh in you may as well get your monies worth! I also use the on-line tracker to track my points daily which i think helps.

Good luck & keep us posted to what you decide to do & how it goes. :)


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Hi Sarah!

I agree with mini, I also went to the group meetings which were great for support, and when I tried to go it alone it was too difficult and I fell off the wagon.

I would definitely recommend the meetings.

Good luck!
Hi Sarah.

I would definitely recommend going to a ww meeting. I have been trying to do ww on my own since the beginning of the year, but I've failed every time. I only started my ww meetings last week, but knowing that someone else is going to weigh me and see how I've done seems to be enough to scare me into being good! Hehe!

The problem with doing it at home alone is that it's easy to cheat. After all, who's gonna know?...It's not as if you're paying to diet...you can start again on Monday...there are far too many excuses to 'cheat'. Going to the meetings (or even just to get weighed) means that you can't do that, because someone else will know, you are paying for the privilege and starting again on Monday is no good because in the mean time your leader will know if you've been bad and it will show up on your tracker card - it's there in black and white!

You can use the meetings to suit you. I stayed for my first one and the things they talk about can be really helpful, however, I don't like crowds or being involved in group discussions etc, so I prefer to get weighed and then disappear...you can do it however you want to.

Everyone is different, but in my opinion the meetings/weigh ins are well worth the money for me.
Thanks for your replies everyone, I think you are all right, that meetings are well worth the extra money. In the long term I will definitely do better if I actually have to physically go and get weighed. I think also having the support of a group will really help.

I think my nearest meeting is on Tuesdays - do I just turn up or should I phone someone to ask for an appointment? (there doesn't seem to be contact details on the ww website?)?

Thanks for all your help xx
I just turned up for mine. They had 'new members' cards at the front, so I just had to fill one of those out and hand it to the meeting leaders the same as everyone else.

Good luck with it!
Oh cool I will just turn up on Tuesday night then, thanks for that Marie (it's so scary going for the first time though isn't it!!) xx
Hi Sarah

My experience is very similar to Marie's. I turned up to my first meeting and everyone was very friendly and welcoming towards you. I stayed for the first meeting and it was quite helpful as to what is in different foods and how to read the packaging.

After the meeting the leader had a quick chat with us newbies to explain how to go about it.

Since then I prefer to go and get weighed and then run away, but I can see how the meeting would benefit you if you are into group discussions they are well worth it.

It is up to you if you stay or go but I would give it a go and see how you feel about it.
Good luck with starting WW Im sure you'll enjoy it and the freedom you get with it, albeit the losses are slower.

Im the opposite to the others, I HATE the classes, HATE HATE HATE them. Im doing WW on my own, with ofcourse great support on here. I think the discipline of someone weighing you is a good idea though, so to compromise, I go to my doctor every 4 weeks and he weighs me.

Its just a personal choice but I do have to admit going to classes initially til you know where you are with the diet (and you have all the books etc ;) ) is a good idea

Good luck and look forward to hearing how you get on :)

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