ProPoints Take 2!!! Get my bikini body ready by May!

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  1. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Hi ladies and gents :)
    I'm not new to Minimins or WW, I lost 12lbs last year in about 9 weeks!
    I recently started slimming world and am really enjoying it but have seemed to have come to a holt! I lost 5lbs and cannot get any lower than 9st12lbs even with having 1,200 calories or under also!
    So I have decided to give weightwatchers another go for a week or two and see how I get on... Today will be my first day :)
    Please feel free to give me any tips and any low point snack/meals etc

    Thank you xx

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  3. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    How tall are you?

    I must admit that I struggle to maintain 9 St 7. I'm 5 ft 4 and anything under 10 st feels Ok but I'm always having to be really careful!

    Have you considered lowering your carbs? It can result in an.initial big loss

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  4. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    I'm only 5ft so I feel like every lb makes a difference, I don't look out of proportion but I just don't like my love handles!

    Before I gave up smoking 3yrs ago I was 7st3lbs so it's a drastic change!

    I have tried giving up carbs but I seem to get terrible headaches so I'm trying to limit myself
  5. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Cherry ML 1

    2 x thick grained bread 4
    Red onion
    Light salad cream 1

    2 x WW pita 6
    Chicken 1
    Fajita mix
    40g red.fat cheese 4
    Garlic mayo 3

    Fun size ripple 3
    1.5L water

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  6. colleen19

    colleen19 Member

    Diary sounds good x
  7. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Hey subscribing. Hope you get past that sticky point. I maintained most of last year at 10.8 and was sick of that number. I went under it last week I was over the moon. I know how your feeling. Good luck X
  8. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Thanks Hun.x
  9. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Hi ya. I managed it! I'm so happy haha. I weighed myself this morning and am 1lb less
    Do you have a diary? Xx
  10. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Wahoo its a great feeling. Yea mines called Sarahs simple start xx
  11. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Ok I'll have a look for it. What is this simple start all about anyway xx
  12. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Its basically for new members and its a simple way of ww. So you do filling and healthy with 2 treats and yoy don't get any points until week 2. Very easy for Newbies xx
  13. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Oh I see. I don't think I could do that! If just keep eating and eating lol xx
  14. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    So I weighed myself this morning, and woohoo I lost that 1lb that was adamant it was shifting!

    Had a couple naughty treats today, been craving chocolate like there's no tomorrow. I stayed in my points though, well 1 under.

    40g shreddies 4
    100ml ss milk 1
    Strawberries 0
    Red grapes 0
    Clementine 0

    2 x crusts away 2
    Chicken 2
    Coleslaw 3
    Sugar free jelly 0

    70g Amoy noodles 3
    WW sweet&sour sauce (1/4) jar 1
    Chicken breast 4
    Bean sprouts 0
    Carrot 0
    Red peppers 0
    Tbsp sweetcorn 1

    Diet energy drink 0
    Banana 0
    Mini milk 1
    Freddo 3

    25/26 49weekly
    1,097 calories
  15. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing :) good luck
  16. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Evening, ladies.

    So I went over my 1,200 calories today, but stayed within my points so I'm not too fussed.

    I fancied some lemon curd this morning do popped the NVs into the calculator and 1tbsp is 0pp. I'm over the moon. I LOOOOVE lemon curd!

    I had chicken and bacon stack for dinner, it was amazing! Even looked amazing! I've been trying to save my weekly pp for tomorrow as I am going out for a buffet Chinese for mums birthday. I'm really looking forward to it, I love a Chinese!

    I'm quite pleased to say that I have been finding sticking to my points so much easier this year than I did last year, but maybe that's because I had been calorie counting already.

    I'm hoping to lose another 1lb by official weigh in day on weds but I'll be ok if I don't. I just want to get these sodding 11lbs off to look and feel great in my bikini. Didn't drink much water today but plan on drinking at least 1.5L a day starting tomorrow, which seems to be a lot easier when I'm at work.

    Here's today's foods.

    Clementine 0
    Banana 0
    50/50 crusts away 1
    Tbsp lemon curd 0

    Tuna sub 10
    Diet coke 0

    Chicken breast 4
    Lean bacon 1
    20g r.f cheese 1
    Red onion 0
    200g potatoes (mash) 4
    Sticky BBQ cooking sauce 2
    Sweetcorn 1

    1.5pints water
    250ml diet coke
    Mini milk 1

    25/26pp 49weekly pp
    1,299 calories
    Last edited: 7 February 2014
  17. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Thanks Hun. The support really helps. Do u have a diary? Xx
  18. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Hey, good luck! Have you counted a pp for diet coke??
  19. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    I haven't logged it but I wrote it down for some reason?? Hmm lol. Thanks for noticing! X
  20. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Had a loooovely meal last night. Was very naughty though! I was hungry all day! I dunno what was up with me. Anyway, here's yesterday's foods

    30g cheerios 3
    100ml ss milk 2
    Strawberries 0
    Red grapes 0
    Clementine 0

    Chicken 1
    2 x crusts away 2
    Coleslaw 3

    2 prawn toast 6
    Chow mein 9
    Sweet and sour chicken 12
    Duck pancake x 2 14
    Small spn boiled rice 2

    Diet energy drink
    1.5L water
    2 x crusts away 2
    3 x fish fingers 6
    2 x vodka diet coke

    69pp 6weekly remaining
  21. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    i do its called
    this is the year
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