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Im struggling to find any take away items on the search button and im limited to time so a new thread i think.
Once or twice a week can one have a treat from the chippy or indian, chinese etc?

Chip shop fish in batter (how many carbs?)
Chicken Foo Young from chinese?

There must be loads, can u kind folk post here and ill try and update it and list them all as one if i can, would make it easier for us to find?

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Fish and chips and things in batter would be too carby.

Egg foo young is a better choice unless it comes with a sugary sauce.

I get takeaways now and then - burger with no bun and salad no chips, or chicken tikka pieces (dry, without the sauce) and salad, kebab meat with no pitta, or crispy duck from the Chinese with mayo instead of sauce and no rice or pancakes.

Twice a week may be overdoing it even for the lowest carb takeaways. Remember these things are usually mega high cal, and unless you're eating very low carb (and often even then) you do need to consider calories somewhat. Maybe once every 2 weeks is about my limit.

Also be mindful of what types of carbs you eat - just as an example someone eating 20g of carbs per day from chocolate and white bread would be spiking their insulin and giving their body sugar to burn off, so would likely not lose as well as someone getting their 20g from the recommended low carb veg.
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kebab meat with no pitta
love kebab meat, cant i have this once a week lol, i also like foo young. I wasnt bothered about chips from chippy just curious about the battered fish



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My husband likes his takeaways. I suggest to him that he can have fish from the chip shop, but he needs to remove the batter before eating. That's too faffy for him and he doesn't bother.

His favourite is to have a kebab and discard the pitta. He also eats McDonalds stuff and just eats the innards and discards the bun/wrap/bread.

He likes curries too and has those without the rice or a nan bread


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My favourite also crispy duck with mayo - the veg even comes with it ie spring onion and cucumber:). DD eats the pancakes and we chuck the sugar, i mean sauce:D


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Never heard of a mixed grill from the Chinese??
Never heard of a mixed grill from the Chinese??
yea my local does one and its great, i think it goes somat like this and the only thing im unsure of is the gravy, and discasrd the chips.

2 sausage
1 rasher bacon
2 small lamb chops (and they are tiny)
1 small pork chop
1 small gammon slice
1 small piece of liver
1 small piece of steak
loads of fried onions
loads of mushy pease
lots of thick gravy

i suppose this would be ok as a weekly treat surely lol :D


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I think a mixed tandoori grill would be nicer :)


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Skip the onions, peas, chips and gravy but most of the meat sounds fine - cheap sausages can be high carb though as they're filled with breadcrumbs. (onions and peas are very carby).

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