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Take the C off Chips..Bridesmaid Dress! Food Diary

I'll try to keep this as up to date as possible - and think it will help me too! Any comments appreciated!

20.1.11 - Green Day

Breakfast- 28g Shreddies (1 HEB), apple
Snack - 1 Apple and 5 laughing cow (1HEA)
Lunch - Egg noodles with peas, sweetcorn, onion, peppers and 57g gammon (1HEB)
Snack - Curly Wurly 6 syns
Dinner - Pasta n Sauce (working late) made with water, 2x Quorn sausages chopped in, extra peppers and peas

Syns for day - 6
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21.1.11 - Red Day

Breakfast - 2 Alpen Lights (HEB), nectarine
Snack - Apple
Lunch - Slim a Soup (3.5 syns) with 5 laughing cow (HEA) and 4 ryvita (HEB)
Dinner - turkey strips, stir fried mixed veg with beansprouts in fry light, sauce made with passata, garlic and chilli
Snack - curly wurly (6 syns), Quavers 5.5 syns
Syns for the day - 15 syns
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Saturday 22.1.11 - Green Day

Breakfast - Baked beans, 2x Quorn sausgaes and 2 slices wholmeal bread from a 400g loaf (HEB)

Lunch - Low fat supernoodles with side salad

Dinner - SW carbonara with pasta, 57g bacon (HEB), fromage frais, eggs, 2 tbsp parmesan cheese (HEA), onion and garlic

Snack - Curly wurly 6 syns
Drink - vodka and diet coke 2.5 syns (measured)

Total syns 8.5
Syns so far for the week - 29.5
Thank you!

Sunday 23.1.11 - Red Day

Breakfast - 2x Quorn sausages and 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch - tuna melt with 2xwholemeal bread (HEB) and 42g low fat cheese (HEA), apple
Dinner - Turkey breast fillet stuffed with l/c (HEA) and wrapped in bacon, with 227g jacket pot cut into wedges, swede and carrot

Syns - Quavers 5.5 syns, wine 12 syns

(I know that's over 15 a day but I tend to allow myself an average of 80 syns a week)
Total syns 17.5 syns. Week total so far 47
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24.1.11 Red Day
Breakfast - 2 Aplen lights (HEB)
Snack - apple
Lunch - Tuna, lettuce, tomato and carrot with home made coleslaw (onion, carrot, f/f fromage frais and 42g l/f cheese (HEA)
Snack - nectarine
Dinner: Turkey fillets (2) with 198g baby new pots in skins (HEB), swede and carrot, Home made BBQ sauce (free)
Drink: wine 12 syns, curly wurly 6 syns
Syns for the day - 18, total for week 70
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25.1.11 - Green Day
Breakfast - 2 slices toast (HEB) from 400g loaf with Flora light (2 syns) and marmite
Snack - nectarine, apple
Lunch - mugshot with 4 ryvita (HEB) and 5 laughing cow (HEA), cherry toms and carrot
Snack - Kiwi fruit
Dinner - Quorn peppered steaks (free) with mashed potato, swede and carrot, peas and sweetcorn, gravy 2.5 syns
Syns for day, 4.5, week total 74.5
26.1.11 - Red Day
Breakfast - 2 Aplen Lights (HEA)
Snack, apple, nectarine, kiwi
Lunch - Slim a Soup 3.5 syns with tuna, lettuce, cherry toms, light salad dressing 1.5 syns
Dinner - going to cinema (eeek! Popcorn tempatation!) but going to have a diet coke and will get home late so going to have quick microwave jacket pot with quorn mince and ratatouille mixed in and a HEA of cheese
Syns for day -5. Weekly syn total 79.5. Second weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed!!!
Lost 5lbs!! So pleased!!

27.1.11 - Green Day
Breakfast - 2 slices w/meal bread (HEB) with Flora light (2 syns) and marmite
Snack - nectarine, 2x kiwi fruit
Lunch - mugshot, ryvita and laughing cow (HEA and B)
Dinner - jacket pot with leftover quorn mince, ratatouille and cheese (HEA)
Snack - Quavers 5.5 syns
Syns for day 7.5
Thanks Meli, not so good as I am in the process of moving house so all my food and saucepans etc are packed! Trying to be as good as I can, living on jacket pot and beans so still hoping for a loss, just haven't managed to write anything down! Thank you for your support - will be happy when this week is over! :)
Ok, broken oven though :( Thank god for Mugshots. Been food shopping, just need to get back in the game as soon as possible. Not put any on though which is a bonus!

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