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Takeaway tonight


Crawling to the finish!
Im Sooo jealous haha. I might treat myself tomorrow am all used up for today!! X


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Chicken kebab is the star of the fast food world! Im pretty sure they are less than 300 cals or thereabouts. I must treat myself to one soon. Maybe tomorrow :)


Crawling to the finish!
I didn't realise chicken kebabs were on the "good" list :0) I'll be opting for that in future! Or may even make a home made alternative x
OMG!! You can have a kebab?! I always knew the shish were low but not as low as having it for our 600 cal allowance? Can anyone tell me how many cals are in a chicken shish please? Also what size is that allowing you to have and is it with salad and any sauce/s? Ooooo I am so excited!!!!! Lol


On A Mission!
Pitta bread is about 120 to 140 cals, so go for a small one. The chicken will be marinated in spices and lemon juice usually with maybe some oil, but most of that comes off on the grill when its cooked. You get about 4 or 5 chunks of chicken breast meat on a skewer, so I would say probably another 140 to 160 cals for the chicken. Then its all chopped cabbage and onion, so not a lot in that, say 40 cals? The chilli sauce may have some sugar in it, but just have a little drizzle. So you are probably looking at 350 cals for a grilled chicken kebab. Pretty good considering :)

Definatly lay off the garlic sauce, as it will be very oily/mayonaisey, or just have the tiniest amount. Its the sauces that can turn it into a monster, but keep to the chicken and salad with tiny amount of sauce and its pretty angelic. Some kebab places will have minted yoghurt as a sauce. Good if its freshly made, it wont add too much in the way of calories, but bad if it looke like it came out of a jar.

If you go for large, you usually get a larger pitta and 2 chicken skewers so a large one will come in at around 500 to 550 cals
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Thanks for that Lynn!!!! nom nom nom, if i hadnt already have had my tea i would be on my way to the kebab shop!!!!

Sorry not been on for a bit... The takeaway we use does both marinated and unmarinated chicken cooked on the griddle so I go for the large, unmarinated option. Their Chilli sauce is mostle fresh tomatoes pulped, made with fresh green chillies, chilli powder and shredded cabbage, no oil or anything. I know the guys who run the place (says a lot about my previous weight haha) and they showed me how they made it one time.

Big thing is not to regard it as a treat! Spend the reward money on something else as a treat, maybe save it up and get something new for the Xbox, or some trainers or anything but food lol I stopped for ages but strted drifted back into the 'I've had a hard day, so I deserve a Mars Bar' mentality and it definately added to my weight gain! :/
the place near me uses plain chicken breast shredded with no marinade. Get it without sauce as i dont like chili. When it arrives i add a wee dollop of WW mayonaise. A yummy kebab without guilt :D


Crawling to the finish!
Good tip jim!! I'm gonna try crushing garlic into my mayo I love garlic Mayo!! Xx

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