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hey, dunno if its you as Im not great with names lol, but were you doing SW a little while ago? sorry cant help with the take away question, thinking bout doing atkins once iv finished my LL journey though x


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yes rainbow i was but i stalled big time and was fed up of being bloated n stuff on a green day so decided i need a change lol. Ur losses are fab hun x

The trouble with takeaway's is that you don't really know what in it.

I have found the only Chinese I can eat is egg foo young mainly, the salt dry ribs seem OK as well. As for Indian, most Tandoori meals are not too bad.

i find that indian wise a chicken or lamb shashlick are fine. saag paneer might be ok as it's cheese and spinach but who knows what else is put in. and as above tandoori meals like a mixed grill or tandoori chicken are fine though i find can be a bit dry.i brought the atkins carb counter book recently and it has a section about eating out and has foods to choose instead of others and it says you can have a chicken korma but personally i'm not sure.if you have a kebeb shop near by (who doesn't!) go for a chicken shish or a lamb kofte and chuck the pitta which basically turns them into a chicken or lamb salad.
I eat out quite often, infact this week will be 3 times as i have a birthday party this weekend.
I always stay on the safe side and go for chicken and salad style dishes unless it's Indian food and as mentioned by Jim and MIE a Tandoori grill with shish kebab, chicken tikka, lamb kebabs etc is a pretty safe option with salad, that's what i go for.

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Agree about chicken/lamb shashlik, lovely and tender and you get nice chunky veg with it which is much nicer than a tiny plastic bag full of warm salad (gak!). I sometimes have the saag paneer too, I used to worry that they put lentils in it but I'm pretty sure now that's not the case - it's just finely chopped onion. You can always ask I suppose! I would stay away from korma or creamy sauces as they are likely to be thickened with flour.

With chinese I go for the chicken foo yung and dry ribs - I usually have to ask for these specially, just ask them to hold the sauce and make sure they don't come with a batter coating or you will be in for hungry heartbreak when you get it home (I'm still bitter about that batter).

From the chippy you can get the roast chicken quarter or some places do halfs, and nothing much else so make sure you've got some salad in at home.

If I'm going to have indian/chinese, I always make sure I cut a few carbs out of the rest of my day just to compensate for any 'hidden' ones that might be in there (e.g. milk mixed in with the foo yung).
LOL, we should rename this the foo yung thread. :D

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Bad girl warning...
I've always puzzled over "egg foo yung" on a chinese menu, as "foo yung" means scrambled egg... so surely "egg foo yung" translates as "egg egg". I'd like to ring them up and say "can I have some EGG EGG please?".

Well, simple things please simple minds... :crazy:

Chow means eat or food and mein means noodles

so may I have some eat noodles please.
Chip shops will also deep fry haddock without batter if you ask them round here :)


This is really the time!
I have a lamb Bhuna. I know the people well in the takeaway (been a regular for a while lol)

So, they use the ghee as normal, leave out most the tomatoes and onions and it is gorgeous! I have not had one for about 3 weeks now. But, it has never harmed me when I have :)

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