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Taking a break

but it's not really voluntary.
I was at the doc's this morning and somehow I have contracted Swine Flu and have had it for at least a few days (thought it was just a cold but it's gotten a hell of a lot worse) :sigh: :(

I asked the doc about having SF and doing LL, she said (in her opinion) that it would be "daft to continue such drastic measures to lose a couple of pounds when your body needs to focus on dealing with this new threat to it's immune system" not to mention the fact that from tomorrow I'm going to be full of drugs which I highly suspect you have to take with f**d.

So, my LL journey is taking a hiatus for a week, as will my gym visits, and going outside (I have to stay indoors to "reduce risk of infecting others").

I'm not worried about f**d or weight, if anything I'm just annoyed that I can't go to work or socialise or work out! :rolleyes:
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Hope you are feeling much better soon Pete, I'm also poorly at the mo - laryngitis and a chest infection but luckily my anti-biotics don't need to be taken with food. I am seriously considering doing a milk week though just to give myself a bit more fuel to fight the infection with.

Hope the drugs help, and take care!
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oh bad luck pete
hope you are feeling better soon.
daisy x
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get well soon pete.
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Oh Pete - poor you. Hope you haven't infected the whole school!

Get well soon. xx

Jo B

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Poor you Pete! Hope you are feeling better soon xx


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Poops Pete!!! You get well soon and then jump back in when you are ready. The real break might actually do you some good!
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get well soon :) your looking great!!
Thanks everyone :) I'm feeling better now I'm all drugged up lol
Have to stay off work until next Thursday though, at least that times in nicely with my next LL meeting on Friday so I can get back on track!


Gotta Make A Change
look after yourself bud :)
btw pete i want that gears of war t-shirt, that guitar and the tranformers poster ;)
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Look after yourself Pete x


Releasing the goddess
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How are you feeling Pete? Have you managed to get back on LL okay? Take care x
I'm not too bad now thanks, on the last few days of the antivirals anbd then have to have a 2 day "buffer" before I can go back to work to make sure I amm 100% without the drugs in my system.

I won't be back on LL until this Friday, at the earliest, depending on how I feel; I might leave it until the Sunday drop-in, or even the Wednesday one, just to give my body a good chance to get itself back into the swing of things.


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Hi Pete
Glad you are feeling somewhat better - I know it's easy for me to say, but I would get back up on the horse as soon as you feel able. If it were me I would probably plan on deffo starting again Sunday, saying to myself that if I feel like sh*t Sunday, and I can honestly say that is the reason for delaying, then I could move it to the following Wednesday.

Flu is a nightmare, I can remember being laid very low on normal flu let alone the swine variety. The body is an incredible machine tho(teaching granny to suck eggs here methinks) and you might be amazed how much fitter you feel by the weekend.

Good luck whatever you do.

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Hi Pete,

Hope you're feeling better. I had swine flu a couple of months ago and it was the weirdest thing ever - I was woozy and feverish to start with, then a few days of feeling "fine", then really unwell again before I started to recover. I had the ole Tamiflu as well, not sure if it had any effect though.

Hope you're taking it easy and I think you're wise to wait a few days before getting back onto LL - it's an incredibly personal decision; going back before you're ready could delay your recovery. But it sounds like you're listening to your body which is great.

Put your feet up and get well soon :)

- Bea

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