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Taking a break?

My original goal was to loose 8 stone in 6 months I have new realized that that goal was a bit pessimistic. At my current rate I feel I can loose 1/2 a stone per week on average.

By the end of march I hope to have lost 6 stone with 2 stone left to go. However I have a holiday planned in April for 2 weeks.

I was wondering if there was anyone who has paused for a month or has been on holiday with there LT and how it went?

Please help I know its months away but I'm not sure what direction I should go and for me both long and short term goals are what keep me on the straight and narrow. :)
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Thanks Kat :D
I have the exact same dilemma. Hol in april for nearly 3 weeks, at which point i will be around half way to goal maybe a bit more (if im super good! :)) Im not a massive lover of foreign food so i know i wont be over indulging, but i will be eating real food on my hol not shakes, for 2 reasons 1) i want to enjoy myself not be stressing over shakes and 2) im going with my 16 yr old sister who is a poor eater anyway and so if i dont eat she wont either and im not playing a part in her not eating, instead i will make sensible food choices and show her a positive attitude towards food. :) i plan to come off shakes aday at a time the week before and will be straight back to the diet after hol.

Hope this gives you food for thought, sorry i couldnt resist the pun! :) have a great hol what ever you decide diet wise. Where you off too?

JB xxxx

Ps i have read threads where peops have done 100% whilst in hol so it can be done. :)
Hi Benny, good luck with whatever you decide. One thing, please don't set yourself up for disappointment. Half a stone a week might be a bit optimistic as you get closer to goal and your weight loss slows down. I think losing 8st in 6 months as in your original goal is probably more realistic. If it's faster, great, but I wouldn't like to think that you feel you are failing if you don't achieve that goal. The Lipotrim website says men should average 1.5st a month meaning you would lose 7.5st in 5 months so you're probably looking at around 5.5 months for 8 stone. Totally amazing!
i refed before xmas, ate nothing but chocs for 2 weeks & gained 7lbs, i went back on tfr after xmas & lost it pretty quickly again, so if you dont go crazy on the carbs like i did you should be fine,,check with your chemist thou as im going on hols in march before i hit my target & wont be allowed to go back on TFR again afterwards....best of luck to you, your doing brilliantly
I had a weeks break for a special occassion when I was on TFR, I followed the proper re-feed programme for most of that time and only had a small gain.

If you do decide to eat, just make sure you follow the re-feed plan and you wont go far wrong.

I know someone who went on holiday and took their shakes with them, and they still had a fabulous time.

Good luck, and well done on what you have achieved up to now.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Whilst on TFR I had a few holidays and week ends away. I stayed 100% on the shakes. I sat in the restaurant and had my shake or bar and drank lots and lots of coffee and herbal teas. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got a great buzz from staying 100%.
Plenty of people take a planned break by doing a refeed, being careful enough whilst on their break and then getting back on LT asap. Be warned though, some people find restarting pretty tough. I guess everyne is different and you will know best what will suit you.
Best of luck and hope your losses continue to be great each week.
Thanks for the replys everyone! I think im gonna see how close to my goal i am at the end of march. I dont think I will bother refeeding for the sake of a few days if im only a couple of stone away from my ultimate goal.

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