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taking a holiday from SW?


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I just got a new job, not enough to make ends meet, so mega cutbacks needed.

What I need to know is, I wont get properly paid til end of July. My countdown has 2 WI to go.
Can I take 6 weeks holiday to hold me out til payday?
Do I have to pay for them?
If I go back and have lost loads, will I still get certs for each milestone?
I'm on wk 6 of gold, so will be one short. If I then completely one more week to take in by end of july, can I still get the gold?
Can I start towards platinum in those weeks with enough blank logs?

thanks guys, I hate being so broke, as it is it'll be plain rice, jacket potatoes and pasta day in day out to stretch the money enough to pay the rent :(
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Alomst there :)
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I'd guess if you haven't takn yur holiday you should be able to do it? I don't know if there is any limit to how much you can take at once though? I think your best bet is to speak to your consultant, they should be able to tell you what to do... Sorry I'm not much help!

I take it you've looked into working tax credits/ housing benefit/ council tax benefit etc to try to top up your earnings if you can't afford to live? x


Alomst there :)
S: 12st2lb C: 9st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st0lb(24.71%)
Oh, and if things are really that bad you may be able to get a crisis loan to keep you going as you're going from benefits to working with a gap in between. It does have to be paid back though so it depends how things are when you get paid from work. x


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I'm taking it that you mean a break from going to class, and not from the plan!

I think when you 'rejoin' you have a choice of going back to your old book / record or starting afresh. And if your consultant knows you're planning to come back they can put a post-it on your record with the expected return date on it too. Make sure you talk to your consultant so that they know what's going on so that it's easier to go back at the end of the break period.

Your next thing will be to get organised with some really cheap & cheerful ways of doing the plan. I've seen some really good ideas / threads on here so there are lots of ideas floating around.

AND - you always have minimins eh!! All is not lost!


PS And congrats on your new job.


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I am confused (it is early for me lol)

If you have paid for class in advance why dont you want to go? Ok I know from finances you may not be able to follow it 100% but you should still be able to keep it up

Stir frys, pasta, rice, pots, cheap frozen veg (iceland is a god send), also when i am very skint (which is a lot) I will make up a big chilli and freeze it, lasgana and freeze it into 4 portions, same with tuna past bake. SW quiche is soooooooo cheap and can go with pots/sw chips and veg

Good luck xxxx
I think Crys means taking holidays after her CD has finished - she's got another two WI left.

Could you afford go to group every other week? that way you only need to take 3 weeks holidays and it would still give you the discipline of regular WI.

I think though if you do holiday for those 6 weeks and get to targets in those weeks you'll still get your reward stickers on your return.

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