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Taking Champix whilst on LL??

I gave up using champix nearly 2 years ago.
I cant rate it enough, it was amazing how it helped me to give up smoking.
I was a 40 a day smoker, i loved smoking but thought i better knock it on the head, for the obvious reasons!
The only bad side effects i had with champix were the really weird dreams and slight mood swings that were a little out of the normal, but i checked in weekly with a new leaf Councillor and she was brilliant.
I gave up after 19 days on it and just didn't buy another pack without thinking really.
I still occasionally get a slight craving but when i think of actually smoking i feel sick so don't want too any more, i can go out and drink quite happily without thinking of smoking now.
Th only thing i would say is that i had a chocolate frenzy for the first couple of weeks and replaced all the ciggy's with chocolate!!! My friend who also did champix at the same time didnt do this and she stayed the same weight.
I put alot on, but i gave up smoking, now im here to lose the weight.
I reckon the LL bars would be a good craving substitute and its only really for the first month i found, after that it gets really easy, to the point i really dont think about it any more , where as i used to think about having/buying/smoking cigs all the time.
I cant recommend doing it enough, good luck and if you need a chat about it more then just let me know
cheers, i hope this helps a little :)
Wow, thanks for such a great reply, and well done you! I have quite once bfore for a substantial period of time, so I know its no easy task, so good job!

My theory behind doing it now, while on LL is that hopefully ketosis will assist in the eating to replace side of things.

Did you have any tummy side effects - that was my main worry as not having much in our tums, wioll the medication aggravate?

I used patches the time I quite before and I loved the side effect of the wild dreams. It was like going to the cinema every night! mood swings I could do without. Have enough of those on my own lately!! :D

THanks so much - I feel better, and when I get my head ready to do it, and I am getting there , I will probably take you up on that shoulder for support! :D




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My mother quit with champix and did exceptionally well. I think it works like an anti depressant thingy on the smoking receptors. Never thought my mother would be able to quit and stay quit.

Give it a go no time like the present, oh well after the anti biotics have worked and you feel better anyway xx
Thanks Clara :)

My mmother and father in law have both had great results as well, and I never ever thought Dad could do it. He has tried over and over and over and never even made it one day. He is now nearing 3 months. Great advertisment if you ask me!!

I plan (i think ;)) to stop in September when my hubby is in California for three weeks. Nice empty house - any mood swings will go unnoticed. ;)

Feeling like I might actually give it a go......scary!! x


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You go for it sunshine ... you deserve to be smoke free and looking foxy xx

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