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Taking Paracetamol while on CD

Yesterday was my first day and last night I had the most awful headache. So much so that I couldnt get to sleep last night with it.

Didnt have any paracetamol in the house but I did have a cup of sugary tea to try and relieve it.:cry:

I know these headaches will pass after a few days & it is only all the badness leaving my system:) but I was wondering can I take paracetamol while on CD.
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Mad as a Hatter
As far as I am aware you can, as one of the side effects of starting the diets can be headaches.
Just up the level of water you are drinking and the headaches should gradually decrease.
Hope that helps



can see the end in sight!
i had terrible headaches, but they stopped after a couple of days!

funnily enough, i used to get regular headaches before i started the diet and they have stopped since i started cambridge. maybe the nutrients?? or extra water?? who knows.


Gone fishing
As above advice. Paracetamol is fine. Keep the water up :)
I'm a headachey person and I've noticed that I've had them less, but occasionally I get a humdinger.

Paracetamol is fine - you don't want to be in pain. But I generally have a glass of water first as that often sorts it out.


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