Taking the scenic route this time. No more crash dieting for me

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  1. Hello, i've decided to start a new diary. I've looked into intermittent fasting for quite a few weeks now and am going to give it my best shot.

    I have previously done a lot of VLCD's and lost weight only to regain, i don't think i could put myself through it again. My most recent stint was Herbalife which was ok, but i still hate replacing my meals with shakes and i hate lining someone else's pocket with my failings.

    I have about 4 stones to lose, i have most recently lost about a stone and a half through iron willpower.

    My plan is to start doing 3 fast days a week at 500 calories and seeing where i go. I think 5:2 would give me too much flexibility if i am honest but 4:3 sounds just about right for me. I would like to set my upper limit to around 1900 calories but don't wish to be counting every morsel every day so the first few weeks may be trial and error.

    I look forward to updating you x
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  3. weebuns

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    Subscribing :) Good luck x
  4. So i've decided to have my Fast or DD day tomorrow as i think Friday/Monday/Wednesday Fasts would fit in with me best.
    Today hasn't been the healthiest of days either and really there is no excuse for my eating poorly, other than the fact that i know tomorrow i will be starving.
    I've had
    Breakfast: Special K instant Porridge
    Lunch: M&S Raviolli
    Snacks: Scotch Pancake, 1 Choc Chip Coookie, 2 Shortbread Biscuits, some grapes and apple, yoghurt and some Malteasers,

    I'm struggling to think what else i've had, but i know i'm unpleasantly full so will probably skip dinner and may have a light snack before bed.
    I do worry that my non fast days will be unhealthy, just not sure i can trust myself if i have free reign but i will have to see how this goes
    Anyhow, tomorrow i'm really looking forward to my fast and getting rid of this bloated feeling.

    I'll keep you updated x

  5. I've read your diary Ali, you've done amazingly well. Thanks for subscribing. How are you finding it? Any tips for a beginner like me?
  6. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    I think fasting is the easiest and most doable way of losing weight I've found. Once you get into the swing of it, it's easy. And you can bend it and shape it so easily to fit in with your own lifestyle and any social/work plans that come up. Only advice I would give is don't over think it. Eat plenty (but not binge!) on UDs and stick to your DD calorie limit and you WILL lose weight. Trying to speed things up by cutting calories too far on UDs from what I've seen can have no effect..apart from making you feel you are constantly on a diet which is the opposite aim of fasting...or can have a negative effect and slow things up. And if on a fast day you need a few extra calories to be successful...have them. Better to have a low calorie day than thinking you've blown a fast day and go on an eating binge. Eat foods you enjoy on both fast and non fast days and switch over to healthier choices if you feel that's what you need to do in small steps. Look forward to reading your updates x
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    Here to subscribe.good luck!xx

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  8. Hi Ali, thank you so much. Your reply makes perfect sense, and it is a sensible way of looking at it. I don't want to feel like i'm on a diet on my UD's by restricting everything but i do want to eat wholesome filling foods without counting every morsel. And maybe even have the flexibility to have dessert if i fancy it too.
    1 coffee and a glass of water down today so far. Have a busy morning at work, then meeting a friend for coffee later before school pick up, so lots of distractions to keep me on the straight and narrow. Have to confess i have not planned anything foodwise today but i do have a 5:2 recipe book so will flick through that for ideas.
    Good luck any other friday fasters :)
  9. Welshsparkle

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    Hi :) Hope your down day has gone well. Here to subscribe :)

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  10. right
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  11. Oh, i typed a long reply the other day about my ups and down with life lately and thought i'd posted it it. But it's not here!
    Anyway, monday i completed a successful and today is a fast day too.
    I need to get in the habit of writing here everyday but sometimes i'm so busy with kids and work i forget.
    I have all my food lined up for the day so will definately update later!

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