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***tantalising tuesday daily thread***

Hello all

A quick start to yet another great day of CD.
I hope that thoughts of all the great benefits that losing weight will bring into our lives will indeed be a tantalising prospect!
Have had a brilliant night out at Nolans concert, in the audience we saw Vanessa Feltz, Chris Tarrant, the actress that plays Heather in Eastenders and Anthony D'Costa (former boyband Blue). Andrea McLean from Loose Women was also there but we were sitting at the wrong angle to see her.
Was a bit annoyed with my friend for wanting to hang about outside the stage door for about an hour in the hope of meeting one of the Nolans, but we got to chat to all of them and it really made the concert special. I was totally frozen and glad to get into MacDonalds (to have a black coffee and make up a vanilla shake).
On a coach trip today - will be resisting fish and chips at a pub in the Essex countryside owned by Jamie Oliver's parents.

For anybody struggling (and I most certainly do at times) I was just so pleased to have lost weight on this night out. I felt well dressed and attractive, it really helped me to join in with the fun.
It has certainly renewed my inspiration.

Best wishes to everyone for a successful Tuesday x:superwoman:
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Going for Goal!
Good Morning Bling,
Well done on the coffee in McDonalds! Bravo!

Today I'm back in work, I had a manic day yesterday - it's always the same 1st day back after the holidays. So yesterday I haad no time to think about food, let alone eat any! I was 100% and had a lot of water and black coffee. Feel fab this morning, ready to hit my paperwork head on and crack on with CD.

My scales have moooooved! (quite a bit - 5lbs since Sat) My CDC is a nurse and works shifts, so often wi can be every 10 days or 5 days. I'm being weighed next Tuesday, so in that time if I can shift another 6lb I'll be in the 13 stones!!!!!

I'm going for goal! :)

Hugs x x x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Please excuse the rant, just commenting on previous posts and comments....

Morning Bling and Emma,

Yesterday was a fab day, really enjoyed myself but my god did i have sore feet! Silly idea to wear heels when you have to climb in and out of lorries and walk round them and ask drivers questions and do case studies etc. My poor lil feet!
Anyway, as soon as i got home i did myself a shake and havent been hungry so having a small jacket potato and handful of salad for lunch did me no harm what so ever yesterday despite what others were saying!
My other option was a roast or fry up! I chose the healthy option that was being offered!
I am quite prepared to not lose as much as normal on WI on Thursday, im not prepared however to fail this course just to lose weight! Id rather eat carbs and have the energy and concentration i need to pass and be happy about it! If i have to stay on CD for a month or two longer then so be it :D :D :D

My career also takes a front seat rather than the diet! Im 22 and my career is very important to me, the diet however will take a back seat whenever i feel it needs to and yesterday it did! I did have my morning and night shake so no harm done!

Today is a 100% day, had my shake, drunk a litre of water today already and feel right as rain!

Must be off now to do some work :D


Full Member
morning ladies :) just hadmy first shake and i'm ready for the day! got to tidy up the house as the health visitor is coming at lunchtime to do my daughters 2yr check and say hello as we've just moved gp surgeries. gonna try and get an hours kip this afternoon as i'm on nightshifts tonight and tomorrow night, EEK! god knows how i'm gonna cope with foodpacks. i'm planning on having my shakes as normal throughout the day and take a chicken salad for a small meal in the middle of the night. here's to another sucessful day (and night!) of CD goodness! xx
Blingbabe I think your social life seems so exciting,and well done on the McDonalds resistance.
Emma P - as an ex-SENCO and resource base teacher I don't envy you and that SEN paperwork,keep glugging the water!
Master T and I are off to playgroup,Mr T working away-might be back late tonight.
Have a great day all xxx

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
:D Who gave me a rep? x


Full Member
i'm already doing 4 foodpacks a day Mrs and need to have them as normal cos i'm a mentalist and have my crazy routine of 9am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm and 8pm. since i'm not gonna sleep more than an hour today and i'll be up all night i think a really low carb wee meal at 4am might be in order as i've got a huge drug round before i finish in the mornin :( i dont wanna be having 5 or 6 shakes in 24hrs as i dont wanna knock myself out of ketosis, i'd rather take just the kcals cos thats no really gonna affect me. i'm not doing anymore nights after these either, they suck! :D xxx


please try again
morning my lovelys, hope your all having a good day!
im determined today to be 100% and get my fat ass back on that wagon!
had a call from school already as madams tired, floppy and has a mild temp, shes only just back at school after a chest infection grrrr
at the moment they say they can manage her but im sure i will have to go back and get her soon ( shes at a special needs school and they have 3 nurses on site )
Blingbabe :) Glad you enjoyed your night out and felt good cos of your weight loss. I can't wait to have a decent night out and feel like that. I am hoping I am going to start to get that feeling round about April! - I mean I feel good because of what I have already lost but I think by April I won't be feeling that I stand out so much from everyone else. Your happy posts are an inspiration!

Emma - looks like you are going to be making wonderful progress this week! Well done. My scales don't seem to be moving this week but as long as they move 2.5 lbs by Thursday I will be happy - lol they only have 2 days left - they had better get moving!

Hayley - good attitude - the idea is to get there in the end and meanwhile life has to go on!

Minx - hope you get through your night shift ok

Sumayyah - You can do it - just think how proud you will feel at the end of the day when you have stuck to it.

It's bright and sunny today, I slept really late which I obviously needed, woke up at about 11, then suddenly realised I should have been at the doctors for an analysis at 8am hohum I have to go at 11am tomorrow for an ecg so I shall apologise then and get a new time. As they don't have CD in Spain my doc knows nothing about it and is determined to make sure my body is doing what it should. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to cooperate with her!

I have a feeling today is going to be a bit of a go slow, however I don't start teaching til 5pm so not a problem and I am sure I can kick myself into action before then!
As another day soon draws to a close, I hope that everyone has had a successful CD experience.
Had a lovely day - CD banana milkshake and 2 black coffees as fellow diners tucked into roast chicken and all the trimmings followed by a choice of dessert. I was informed that the food was absolutely delicious - it certainly looked it!
It was tough for a few minutes as there was a mix-up and the waitress brought the meal to me (I had booked and paid for it pre-CD) but keep telling myself that I have goals that extend far beyond the very temporary pleasures of a pub lunch.
Hope that your work based assessment went very well Hayley x
Blingbabe - Well done for not having your meal. My mum has had a few situations like that as she had already sorted xmas meals before starting but like you she is sticking to her CD and I am so proud of her.


please try again
and yet again my cdc has changed my weigh in time to right before my daughter comes home from school on the special bus so now ive got to drive all the way across town with enough time to jump on the scales, grab my ready bundled up food packs and race back accross town
this is getting to be rediculously common, she swaps me to suit other clients near every week even thou she knows bout my daughter
Ah Summayah, dare I ask if there is another CD counsellor that you might find more reliable and consistent? I ask hesitantly as I know that some areas are not well covered or the neighbouring counsellor might charge more? x
I hope that your daughter is ok following the call from the school. I imagine that you were pleased to have Kaya (hope I got spelling right) settled back into her regular school routine after recent illness.


please try again
thing is bling ive tried a couple other councillors, one only goes to her clients homes and refuses to enter my area as its an old massive council estate and the other insists her clients buys full unopened boxes and 4 weeks at a time, cant afford to do that

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