Target ! But !


Well its been a hard slog but I'm pleased to say I've hit my Christmas Day target today 16st dead from 19st 7lb. Myself and the wife have just had a very nice Indian meal followed by a bottle of Champagne. I also threw away 8 work shirts, two pairs of work trousers and two pairs of jeans (when I say threw I mean put in a charity bag)

So it’s back to SS in the morning after a celebration tonight .... I honestly cannot remember the last time I was 16st ? its only taken me 20 years LOL

So my next target is 15st dead by the end of Feb 07 and then 13st 7lb by Easter, which will give me a BMI of approx 24. Still a long way to go but I feel great

I'll update the ticker over the weekend ..............time for bed

Later all

Ps I bet I get up in the morning and I've put a stone back on LOL when the curry and the champers settles
Well done you!

I assume by your name you are off to the US next year. At least you wont find the plane seats a tight fit. Unless you fly Virgin that is. God, their seats are narrow. We flew with them last month. Never again. We usually fly BA or AA. What a difference
Excellent work there. Well done!

Good luck for your next target :)
Well done, It really makes my day to read threads like this one, keep up the good work!!!

ps/ don't worry about any weight gain from your champagne break (lucky you ~ lol) the majority will be water and will shift within the next week xx
Well Done :)

You're doing so well!! I have a long way to go (and I've not even started it yet!) Hopefully I can be as successful!
you will be successful bloss! No trying or "would like to" you CAN and WILL. change that thinking and u will be fab! (i tell myself this everyday lol)

well done usa. Enjoy the champers! You've earned it xx

Fantastic and well done YOU:D :D :D

Love Mini xxx
Well done that is such great weightloss, i hope i can do as well has you have your an inspiration to me as i can see the diet really works good luck for your next target
congratulatons. well done you!