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Target Members

Once you're a target member and have your badge, can you go to any SW meeting, anywhere, anytime and its still free (as long as you're within your 3lb either way?)?

Its just that I'm thinking of joining a new class and my Mum said she'd come along for support, she's a target member and I'm sure she's still within her 3lb .... so will she be able to come along for free??

(can't get hold of the consultant to ask and the class is this evening).

J x
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Yes, that's correct - any class, any where!

I think as a target member though that you have to weigh in once a month to keep your membership live but I'm not 100% on that, it was just hearsay through another target member. I go every week so can't say for sure but we have had target members join us from other areas so I can't see a problem.

Good luck tonight J. xx
aslong as you reguarly attend class then yes.. but if shes not been attendinga class she will have to pay to join but as a target member the following classes would be free xx
She hasn't been attending regularly for quite a while (couple of years) but I just thought once you were a target member you were a member for life (as long as within your 3lb of target).

J x
yeah, BUT you have to be weighing in with a class reguarly. Im 98% sure she will have to pay a joining fee, and she should take her little target certificate with her to prove her target weight so she can ahve classes free after joining xx
That must be where the monthly weighing in comes from then. We have a couple of members who only come every few weeks and those who still go weekly. Then there are those who stop coming - and rejoin months later with weight to lose so well done to your mum if she's managed to stay a target without going each week!

It's only a tenner to join atm so worth it. xx
Okidoki, well once she's re-joined she's said she'll come every week with me (to make sure I actually go, even if I've had a bad week) so she'll be attending regularly then.

Quite looking forward to re-joining, especially with a new consultant.

J x

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