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Target- thinking of changing it, need some advice


Proud Mummy
To all target members- I need some advice!

When you was getting close did u change your target?

I have currently lost 2st 2.5lbs and am sitting comfortably at 11st 9.5lbs. For someone of my height (5ft 11ins) that is a very healthy weight to be.

Now I originally set my target for 10st 12lbs, but was always worried it was too low for me and now my C has said she thinks I should consider calling target soon as she thinks I'd look too bony if I lost much more. Plus there's the added fact that my losses are slowing down and she said that's often a sign your body is comfortable. Plus there's the added fact that I'd have to maintain it once I got there and I really don't think I could.
Obviously my C said she can't tell me when to call target, but that was just her opinion.

If I change my target to 11st 5lbs, it'd be a weight I'm pretty happy with.

Plus my C said if I get to 11st 5lbs and call target and then decide I want to lose more I can.

Anyone got any thoughts on what I should do?
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Its your call hun, if you get to a weight you are happy at then call target, you don't have to decide yet you could get to 11 5 and see how you feel. If you don't think your original target would be maintainable thats a good reason not to struggle to get there though as you are making things hard for yourself when you would be a healthy weight at a more managable target x
I reached target just before xmas and since then have stayed within my bubble of the 3lbs up and down limit. I have a podgy tummy so did fancy lowering it, but I can't go any lower than 9st 2 for bmi and health reasons. Thats the lowest it'll let me be. I'm currently 2lbs lower than my target but I'm happy to leave it at 9st 7 for now. Also yes I changed my tagret from 11 doen to 10.5 then down to 10 before finally thinking actually yes I'd like to sit at 9st 7. Go with how you feel confident, it's your body, and you know if you can maintain a lower target or not, but it can be hard, especially if you have a big celebration once you get there lol


Proud Mummy
Lol thanks, I've decided to change my target to 11st 5lbs, I know I can maintain it as I always was around the 11st-11st 7lbs mark before I piled the weight on.
Lol I will be celebrating when I get there, that's for sure! X